Cat thieves of Zeni☆
Zeni no neko dorobō☆
General Information
Director SweetieandKaren4567
Studio Toei Animation
Network TV Asahi
Episodes 49
Opening Song Go for it! Cat thieves!
Ending Song Nyan☆ Magic Universe! At God's Mercy (as of episode 22)
Series Info
Theme(s) Cats
Predecessor Mask Song Pretty Cure♪

Cat thieves of Zeni☆ (ゼニの猫泥棒☆ Zeni no neko dorobō☆) is a fanon Japanese magical girl anime series. The series is themed after Blue Cat/Mao, a character from Star☆Twinkle Pretty Cure.


Cat thieves of Zeni☆ episodes.

Gather around, everyone!
The exciting story about the four cat-like thieves is about to begin!

Mao is a popular idol in the Starry Sky Galaxy known for her cuteness and her beautiful voice.

However, when she is done with her shows, Mao’s secret is revealed...

"I'm the space phantom thief, Blue Cat!"

.Blue Cat is a very cunning thief who is known to be cat-like in every way! Her goal is to find any treasure possible to keep in her collection with the help of her teammates! Watch out, Zeni and many other planets, here come the Cat Thieves of the universe!


  • Mao (マオ?) is a very cutesy and friendly space idol, known for her voice to sound like a young kitten. Her thief alter ego is Blue Cat (ブルーキャット), the space phantom thief.
  • Chat (チャット?) is a hard-working idol who can be quite mature, yet cheerful and very sweet at times. Her thief alter ego is Purple Cat (パルプルキャット), the moon phantom thief.
  • Kedi (ケディ?) is a strong yet charming idol, who often likes to look at the stars at night. She uses her adult-like appearance to sneak into unauthorized areas. Her thief alter ego is Red Cat (レッドキャット), the planet phantom thief.
  • Katze (ミスシャムール?) is a positive and childlike idol who often uses her quirks to get her way. Katze likes to use fireworks to distract people to steal faster. Her thief alter ego is Orange Cat (オレンジキャット), the sun phantom thief.
  • Neko (?) is a very childish and cute idol who often acts a little stupid. Neko likes to use her cuteness and speed to steal stuff easily. Her thief alter ego is Silver Cat (シルバーキャット), the star phantom thief.
  • Gatta (ガッタ?) is a very quirky idol who likes to lighten one's mood with her funny jokes. She uses her ring to stick her target to something else. Her thief alter ego is Green Cat (グリーンキャット), the Milky Way phantom thief.
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