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She's just like Pollux, huh?
—Castor, talking about Erina

Castor profile
Biographical Information
Season Prism Pretty Cure!
Pretty Cure Sparkle Stars: Carnival Chaos
Home Place Aurorean Dynasty (previously)
Hinanshokibo (currently)
Birthday August 5
Zodiac Leo
Age 17
Status Alive
Physical and Vital Statistics
Race Beast (human)
Gender Male Male
Height 168 cm
Blood Type B
Eye Color Light-Blue
Hair Color Brown
Jewel Heart Morganite
Professional Status
Occupation Knight
Affiliation Aurorean Dynasty
Personal Status
Hobbies Fighting
Favorite Food Steak
Anime "Prologue" (episode 1)
Voice Actors

Castor (pronounced Cast-or) is one of the main mascots in Prism Pretty Cure!. He exists as a member of the Beast race with genetics of a wolf. Castor is also a knight working under the Aurorean Dynasty. Eventually, he becomes the Pretty Cure's second mascot, but is well known as Ninomiya Erina's partner.

Castor made his official appearance in the "Prologue" (episode 0) before being re-introduced in "Missing Links."



Castor appears as a young teen, primarily dressed in purple, blue and some grey. His eyes are a light-blue colour. He has spiky brown hair with his bangs swooped towards the left side of his head. His knight uniform consists of purple amor with multiply shades and a cape. He usually has his wolf ears revealed and not covered, but can easily hide them if needed.


Friendly, brave, considerate but tragically honest. Castor was supposedly sent to earth together with Frore, however, something interfered with the portal and they were separated. He eventually becomes partners with Erina as he found that he was emotionally attached to her. It is also hinted that Castor previously had a crush on Pollux and was devastated after losing her.


  • Castor alludes to the fairytale character the Wolf from the fairytale Red Riding Hood.
    • His appearance is thus affected as he has wolf ears and is a Beast human.
    • He is first shown following (stalking) Erina during his introduction which alludes to the wolf haunting Red Riding Hood.
  • Etymology
    • Castor - A Double Star



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