Carly / Sonyung Airi
カリ / ソニュングアイリ Kari / Sonyungu Airi
SeasonGood Time Pretty Cure!
Age14 (Airi)
Birthday Date???
Eye ColorRed (Carly)


Hair ColorRed (Carly)


Home PlaceOwl City Kingdom (birthplace)

Miyuki Town (after separated)

RelativesAdam (sister)

Color (sister, deceased)

Cure Jepsen (partner, defeated by Airarks)

First AppearanceGTPC01
Pretty Cure
Alter EgoCure Maxinum
Representiveearth & ocean
Chainging FormsJump Jazz

Lolita Love

Theme ColorRed (main)

Rose (sub)

Bubblegum (Jump Jazz)

Cotton Candy (Lolita Love)

Carly is one of the mascots to became a human in Good Time Pretty Cure!. Her alias is Sonyung Airi & transforms into Cure Maxinum.


Airi is cute, funny girl and she loves to eat. She hates the ugly boys.


Meeting Kiss, Adam, Carly, Mika, & Becoming Cure Glitter

When the school is delayed, Aimi along with Amai & Mena, Aimi was saw Cure Elixir & Cure Fantasy, known as Aokihime Mika defeats Airarks but it tilt bigger and Cure Fantasy saves Cure Elixir as Kapampangan Airarks & then, Cure Fantasy was detransformed. In case that Mika lefts Cure Elixir & Cassandra, she said,

Thank you very much but I can't forgive you anytime anywhere! NEVER! >(

Mika & All the mascots are cried. Meanwhile, Aimi, Amai, & Mens meets Mika & then the mascots. Adam & Carly said about the danger in Owl City Kingdom due to Queen Shock that Owl City Kingdom is hers. But Carly tolds Aimi to touched a PopChanPact. But her PopChanPact was Aimi is feeling the power, she was into Cure Glitter. But she was amazed.


As Airi, she had short, twintailed, scarlet hair & eyes. She wears carmine shirt, red skirt, & long black boots.

As Cure Maxinum, Her form is similar to Lollipop HipHop's but her form had rose & red accents.


Adam- Carly's sister

Cure Jepsen- her partner from Canada but it defeated by Airarks

Alter Egos

  1. Jump Jazz
  2. Lolita Love

Cure Maxinum

The heart represents the earth & ocean! Cure Maxinum!

Cure Maxinum is Carly's cure ego. She represents the earth & water.


Maxinum Splash

Maxinum Explosion

Fun Stuffs


  • She is the first red cure had a mascot to became a human & a cure.
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