Candy Crystal Precure Go! was created by Nicole C.G. for you to enjoy.
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KiraKira-Chan (・ω・)ノ

Guardians of those who need us most! Candy Crystal Precure Go!

Candy Crystal Precure Go!
Kyandi kurisutaru purikyua Go!
General Information
Director Nicole C.G.
Studio Toei
Network Kira♥︎TV


Original Run 1 - 27 - 2017

- Now

Episodes 32
Opening Song Go!・Smile! Crystal ^ Shower!
Ending Song Candy ♪ sprinkle 〜 up!
Series Info
Theme(s) Candy and Crystals
Predecessor Maho Girls Pretty Cure!
Successor Dank Desu Precure!

Candy Crystal Precure Go! (キャンディクリスタルプリキュアGo!) is a 2017 magical girl show produced by Toei Animation. It is directly linked to Candy Gem Mew Mew because the Cures are the Mew's younger sisters. Its motifs are candy and gems, and its sub-motifs are classical music and juice.


Present day in the Candy Kingdom, the evil villain Dark Sweets has stolen the Mystic Lolly Harp and shattered it into 6 pieces while stealing one of the pieces. But before she could take the other five, Queen Ethrel sent the pieces to earth. The fairy, Sweets now has to go find the missing pieces. But in order to do that, she has to find the Pretty Cure.

Candy Crystal Precure Go! Episodes



Paige Fujiko - Cure Lolly 🇺🇸🇯🇵

(藤子 ぺイージ - キュアロリ)

Tora Narumi - Cure Gumdrop 🇯🇵

(虎 なるみ - キュア ガムドラープ)

Raiko Sakura - Cure Lemony 🇯🇵

(雷光 さくら - キュアレモニー)

Raiko Yuzana - Cure Limey 🇯🇵

(雷光 ゆざな - キュアライミー)

Unice Dubois - Cure BonBon 🇫🇷

( ウニスデブワ - キュア ボンボン)







Dark Sweets









Rainbow hills


Nanairogaoka Private School


Candy Kingdom



Candy Spinner

Lollipop Harp


  • Candy Crystal Precure Go! is the first series made by Nicole C.G.
  • Candy Crystal Precure Go! is the third series after Yes! Pretty Cure 5 Go Go! And Go! Princess Pretty Cure to have the word "Go!" in the title.
  • Candy Crystal Precure Go! is the third Season to start with 5 Cures after Yes! Pretty Cure 5 and Smile Pretty Cure!.
  • Candy Crystal Precure Go! airs alongside KiraKira☆Precure a la Modé.
  • All episodes air on Friday, in a channel called Kira♥︎TV. But they also air on a channel called KiraKids♥︎TV which includes censored versions of the more intense episodes.

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