Cake Sweet Precure! ( ケーキ甘いプリキュア! Kēki Amai purikyua! ) is one of Cure48's fan series. The themes are sweets and fruits.

Cake Sweet Precure!
Kēki amai purikyua
General Information
StudioToei Animation
NetworkTV 00
Episodes48 episodes
Opening SongIchigo No Mirakuruuru ( episose 1-48)
Ending SongYume ni Yell! precure! (Episode 1 - 48)
Series Info
PredecessorRainbow Precure!
SuccessorSport Precure!


The story begin when a acid island attacked Sweet Land, and a magic sugar is disappear, and Princess Sweet tell Fumu to search a pretty cure at Sweet Town, the next day Fumu meet a girl named Watanabe Ichigo, and Fumu give Ichigo power to transfrom as Cure Strawberry. joined by Cure Vanilla, Cure Chocolate, cure mint and Cure Caramel togheter they fighting together to defeat Sour and save the world.


Pretty Cure

Watanabe Ichigo - she is the main character of this fan series, she have a bestfriend named Kamiyama Usagi. Her ego is Cure strawberry.

Kamiyama Usagi- she is Ichigo's bestfriend, she very good at make cake, Usagi mother open " Sweet Lucky Shop " in Kyoto. Her ego is cure vanilla

Anna Angelo- she is the third cure, Anna from Belanda and move to Kyoto, japan. At School she be in a certain style like a princess, when anna go anywhere , she always followed by 2 bodyguards. Her nickname is " Hime sama ". Her ego is cure chocolate.

Miyazawa Ringo- she is Ichigo classmate, ringo is a silent and shy girl. Her hobby is eat sweet, her ego is cure mint.

'Takajo Azusa-' she is 1 grade at Shiawase Academy, and Azusa is the youngest member in this group. azusa very goot at kendo, and she join kendo club at shiawase academy.

Sweet Land

Fumu- she is the main mascot at this fan series, she is like human fairy mascot, her main color is pink. She is ichigo partner

Furi- she is the second mascot , her main color is yellow and orange. She is Usagi partner

Minto- she is the third mascot, her main color is green, She is Anna Partner.

Flo- she is the four mascot and her main color is blue. She is Ringo partner

Hina- she is the five mascot , her main color is purple. She is a cold mascot but she very care abou her partner. She is Azusa partner

Princess Sweet- she is a princess from sweet land.

Acid Island

Ayana- she is the first enemy and attacked the cures.

Cindy- she is the second enemy atatcked the cures.

Ima- he is the third enemy attacked the cures.

Dorando- he is the four enemy attacked the cures.

Soruna- a monster from acid island

Sour- the leader from acid island


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