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Hikaru taiyō! Kagayaku kibō! Kyuasanraito!
Celeste! Princess Pretty Cure episode 01
光る太陽! 輝く希望! キュアサンライト!
"Gleaming Sun! Shining Hope! Cure Sunlight!"
Episode Guide
Opening Sun and Moon! Celeste! Princess Pretty Cure!
Directed by Chinatsu Kiseki
Written by Chinatsu Kiseki

Gleaming Sun! Shining Hope! Cure Sunlight! (光る太陽! 輝く希望! キュアサンライト! Hikaru taiyō! Kagayaku kibō! Kyuasanraito!?) is the first episode of Celeste! Princess Pretty Cure. The episode airs on ??? February 2072. The episode focuses on Natsugawa Hillary transforming into Cure Sunlight for the first time.


Natsugawa Hillary is a popular student of Noble Academy known for her talented voice. One day, Hillary meets the fairy Opal from the Hope Kingdom which is under attack from Dysappear, the queen of despair. Suddenly, a general of Dysappear known as Weep appears and turns Tsukigawa Gekkō into a Zetsuborg. Weep then asks Hillary if she's afraid with Hillary replying that she is but will never give up causing a light to form in the sky and landing in her hand revealing a small key. Opal then gives Hillary a Princess Perfume and tells her that she is a legendary princess known as a Pretty Cure and she can transform. Hillary then shouts "Pretty Cure, Celeste Princess Engage!" and becomes the princess of the sun, Cure Sunlight!




Pretty Cure



Supporting Characters

Major Events

  • Celeste! Princess Pretty Cure makes it's debut
  • Natsugawa Hillary and Opal make their first appearances as well as Hillary transforming into Cure Sunlight for the first time
  • Cure Sunlight uses Sunny Delight for the first time
  • Cure Aurora and Cure Stargleam make their first appearances but appear as silhouettes
  • Weep and the Zetsuborg make their first appearances
  • Tsukigawa Gekkō and Harusaki Yuki make their first appearances


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