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Oops! Hisako’s Mistake! The Feelings of Roommate Ayaka!
おっとっと!久子の間違い!ルームメイト アヤカの気持ち!
Ottotto! Hisako no Machigai! Rūmumeito Ayaka no Kimochi!
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Director Saitou Haruma
Harajuku Arissa
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Oops! Hisako’s Mistake! The Feelings of Roommate Ayaka! (おっとっと!久子の間違い!ルームメイト アヤカの気持ち! Ottotto! Hisako no Machigai! Rūmumeito Ayaka no Kimochi!?) is the 2nd episode of Cyber✶Nova Pretty Cure.


The entire Class 1-2 is given a group project by their teacher, which is to make a small website. Hisako is grouped with Joruri, Ayaka, and Kiyomi. As the group begin to make their project, Hisako notices that Ayaka was too strict for she had been rejecting numerous articles made by Joruri. Ayaka calls for a break and asks Joruri to fix her article.

Alone in their dorm room, Joruri begins to talk about a rumored figure calling themselves a Pretty Cure who helped save the school when it was attacked by a monster. Not realizing that Joruri didn't know about it, Hisako accidentally reveals her identity by saying that she is Cure Gamer.

As the group reconvene, Ayaka once again rejects the article made by Jouri, saying that it was too simple. Hisako, who had been contemplating whether or not she should tell Ayaka, spoke up. Hisako tells Ayaka that instead of judging the work for not being perfect, Ayaka should tell Joruri what was wrong. Ayaka runs away from the group and takes a walk in the school gardens.

Prankster appears and summons a Waruinetto using the negative energy of people who use Vier Corp's gadgets. Ayaka, who also uses them, falls into despair. Noticing a sudden change in atmosphere, Hisako appears and transforms into Cure Gamer, defeating the Waruinetto.

Ayaka, who had finally given the situation some thought, apologizes to Joruri for being too harsh and decides to tell her what was wrong. In the end, the website was completed and exceeded Ayaka's expectations.

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