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Suitsu wa byōki desu!
Candy Crystal Precure Go! episode 11
"Sweets is sick!"
Air date 4 - 21 - 2017
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Opening Go!・Smile! Crystal ^ Shower!
Ending Candy ♪ Sprinkle ~ Up!
Directed by Nicole C.G.
Written by Nicole C.G.

"Sweets is sick!" is the eleventh episode of Candy Crystal Precure Go! The main focus of this episode is the Girls trying to cure Sweets because she is sick.

Major events

  • Sweets becomes ill.
  • Clips of Pretty Cure Sparkle Stars: Carnival Chaos play in the theme song to help advertise the movie.
  • The Sairen is much larger in this episode.
  • The Cures get a new attack mode: "Lollipop Harp! Extension!"


When Sweets becomes sick, the girls try to cure her illness but can't find out what's wrong. Later, a huge Sairen appeared and was trying to destroy the town! But not to worry, they got a new attack "Lollipop Harp! Extension!" and defeated the Sairen and got a Candy Gem that looks like a thermometer. Then, they use it to cure Sweets.


Paige was looking on her phone when she hears Sweets start coughing. Paige says "What's wrong Sweets? I've never heard you cough before." Sweets says "I'm not feeling go-" and falls onto a pillow. Paige runs up to her and asks "How do you feel?" Sweets says "My throat hurts, and I don't feel good." Paige says "Hmm... I think you have a fever." Paige gets Medicine and says "Here. Take some of this. It will make it better." Sweets takes the medicine and says thanks.

Paige gets the other girls over to help care for sweets. Unice says "The poor thing!" Narumi says "How bad is she?" Unice says "Pretty bad." Then, Sakura, Yuzana, Narumi, and Unice start to help Sweets, but no matter what they did, Sweets kept getting worse. Narumi says "We can take her to the vet. Or, would she go to a doctor?" Sakura says "I don't think Vets or Doctors care to magical alien princesses." Yuzana, Paige, and Unice agree. Paige says "Then what will we do?"

They all are trying to get some medical attention for Sweets, but they end up back were they started. Suddenly, a very large Sairen Appears! They all start attacking it when Mamba starts attacking them! Then, 5 of the Candy Gems turn into short gold sticks! They have no idea what to do until Sweets whispers "Combine them with the harps!" Then they all get a new attack called "Lollipop Harp! Extension!" and defeat the large Sairen. When they defeated the Sairen, they got a Candy Gem in the shape of a thermometer. Narumi says "You thinking what I'm thinking?" Paige nods and inserts the Candy Gem into the spinner. It released sparkles that landed on Sweets and cured her. Sweets and Paige hug while the girls are clapping.


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