Burning Sunrise (烈火 日の出 Rekka Hinode): Is Taiyou Amaterasu's main and signature attack, first used in Episode 21.


Her main attack as Taiyou Amaterasu, but only after she used Hot-Blooded Style, the sun on her back is spinning faster while flames from the sun become more intense and shining. Then a seal appears around of her, then she made a sun-shaped big circle with the movements of her arms, to create a solar blast to her target.



Taiyou Amaterasu: Hakuun o Moyasu Hinode, Sekai no Fujunbutsu o Hakai!

Taiyou Amaterasu: Hissatsu, Purikyua!

Taiyou Amaterasu: Rekka Hinode!


Taiyou Amaterasu: 白雲を燃やす日の出, 世界の不純物を破壊!

Taiyou Amaterasu: 必殺, プリキュア!

Taiyou Amaterasu: 烈火 日の出!


Taiyou Amaterasu: The Sunrise That Burning the White Clouds, Destroyed the World's Impurity!

Taiyou Amaterasu: Overkill, Precure!

Taiyou Amaterasu: Burning Sunrise!

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