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Brilliant Wonder Pretty Cure!
General Information
DirectorChinatsu Kiseki
Opening SongShining Stars! Brilliant Wonder Pretty Cure!
Ending SongWonder♥Stars! (1-??)
Series Info
PredecessorHoshizora no Yume Pretty Cure!

Brilliant Wonder Pretty Cure! (ブリリアントワンダープリキュア! Buririantowandāpurikyua!?) is the fourth series of Chinatsu Kiseki's new five generations. The series motifs are brilliance and imagination.


Soramiya Aya is an ordinary 14-year-old in her second year of middle school. Aya loves daydreaming. One day, when drawing what was her mind, Aya met Reverie; a fairy from Mireille. Suddenly, an evil fairy called Dolor appears and transforms Asahara Kaze into a Desflower! A Wonder Brush then appears and with the words "Pretty Cure, Brilliant Wonder Painting!", Aya transforms into Cure Colour, the brilliant rainbow!


Pretty Cure

  • Soramiya Aya (空宮彩?) / Cure Colour
    The lead cure of the series. Aya is said to have a wild imagination and can make anything she thinks of come to life. As well as that, Aya loves daydreaming and can draw literally anything. Despite this, her father believes that Aya will take over the school when he retires. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Colour, the brilliant rainbow whose theme colour is white while her sub colours are the colours of the rainbow.
    She represents harmony.
  • Asahara Kaze (朝原風?) / Cure Carmesí
    The shy student librarian of the Soramiya Academy's library. Suffering from insomnia, Kaze has struggle with sleeping as she has many nightmares from her childhood of where she was abused by her parents and put into Natsuki Hikaru's care. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Carmesí, the brilliant flames whose theme colour is red.
    She represents hope.
  • Nikoyaka Yume (にこやか夢?) / Cure Fantasy
    Yume is an energetic girl who always has a bright smile on her face. She loves to help others but is quite clumsy. Despite this, she always remains happy and never gives up on something she has promised. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Fantasy, the Brilliant Dream whose theme color is orange.
    She represents happiness.
  • Ishibashi Hoshi (石橋星?) / Cure Luccichio
    Rather quiet but a very friendly girl, Hoshi loves to draw and is a very good animator. However, she usually gets shunned by her parents for her talents. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Luccichio. the Brilliant Light whose theme color is yellow.
    She represents talents.
  • Kotobuki Midori (寿みどり?) / Cure Breeze
    A passionate fashion designer with her own brand, Midori is a newly transferred student at Soramiya Academy and has recently just moved to Umekawa. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Breeze, the Brilliant Gale whose theme color is green.
    She represents passion.
  • Seigyoku Ao (青玉あお?) / Cure Sapphire
    The calm and collected student council president who can be rather stubborn, Ao is a sweet and caring person who loves to help people study. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Sapphire, the Brilliant Ocean whose theme color is blue.
    She represents wisdom.
  • Fujino Miku (藤野未来?) / Cure Violaceus
    A girl from Mireille and veteran Pretty Cure, Miku is quite a crybaby but has a pure heart of courage and kindness. She is also a talented singer and is rather famous in Umekawa. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Violaceus, the Brilliant Flower whose theme color is purple. She represents kindness.








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