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Brilliant Prince✩Pretty Cure
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Brilliant Prince✩Pretty Cure (shortened to BP✩PC or BPPC) is a fanseries written by sparkleworks1, aka The Light of Judgement. It is an all-male Cure Team based on the roles of a kingdom while focusing on building relationships, romantic, platonic and familial.

The story follows Prince Aki (Akio Kagome), his advisor Aoba Kiyabu and their friends Daichi Mitarai and Yuki Wakana as they strive to save the Floating Kingdom of Light from destruction.

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In an alternate reality there lies the Floating Kingdom of Light, ruled over by the kind Princess Lumi, alongside her younger brother Prince Aki. Their counterpart, the Underground Kingdom of Darkness ruled over by Prince Gira and Princess Yvel, was originally floating in the heavens as well. However, when Gira and Yvel staged an attack on the Kingdom of Light in an attempt to overthrow them, they were banished along with their kingdom and its residents to remain underground for all eternity, though the original heir to the throne, Prince Aurum, perished in the battle alongside the King and Queen. It stayed that way for many, many years until the Kingdom of Darkness had formed an army large enough to escape their prison and attack the Kingdom of Light, hoping to gain control. In the end, Lumi and Gira were imprisoned in their home kingdoms, sending both into turmoil.

So, Aki and Yvel fled to Earth in hopes of finding a way to revive their siblings, knowing that if Lumi were to be revived first, the Kingdom of Light would regain control again. But if Gira were to be revived first, the Kingdom of Darkness would overthrow the Kingdom of Light, and eventually consume all of humanity. Finally, they found a way: collecting all of the Seeds of Hope, fragments scattered during the second battle, and bringing them back to their home kingdom.

Enter Akio Kagome and Aoba Kiyabu, the Prince and his loyal guard, on Earth searching for the other two legendary warriors of Pretty Cure to find the Seeds of Hope, revive Princess Lumi and save the Kingdom of Light and the fate of humanity.


Pretty Cures

Akio Kagome/Cure Crown (Prince Aki) -

Aoba Kiyabu/Cure Shield -

Daichi Mitarai/Cure Quill -

Yuki Wakana/Cure Nocturne -



Prince Gira -

Princess Yvel -

Other Characters

Kazuki Aikawa -

Hiyama Kamui -

Yoshiro Bellini -

Anri Kidoguchi -

Iyasu Kidoguchi -

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