Break! Pretty Cure (ブレイク!プリキュア Bureiku! PuriKyua) is starmix03's 8th fan series. The motif is about Disc Jockeys (DJs) and Break Dancing


Hip-Hop Kingdom is the home of break dancing. The king himself is a great dancer. One day, King Kaerb destroys Hip-Hop Kingdom and the kingdom is now invaded. The Pretty Cures must stop King Kaerb.


Pretty Cures

Honohara Natsuki/Cure DJ (炎腹 夏樹/キュアDJ)
Natsuki's father was a professional DJ, and Natsuki herself wants to be a DJ too. She is a huge fan of Skrillex, the famous dubstep DJ. Luckily, Natsuki's father's friend had DJ lesson, and her father told Natsuki to join. Her alter ego is Cure DJ (キュアDJ Kyua DJ) and she can play some discs to purify the monsters.
Mizuki Kanako/Cure Rap (水木 佳菜子/キュアラップ)
Kanako hates rapping, but that was a lie. Her brother once met famous American rappers such as B.o.B, Pitbull, etc. and he became Japan's top rapper with the pen name "Ph0en1X". He is very famous, and Kanako want to be like him. Luckily, her brother taught Kanako how to rap. But it's seldom since he need to do interviews and such. Her alter ego is Cure Rap (キュアラップ Kyua Rappu) and she can rap to purify the monsters.
Hoshimiya Ami/Cure Dubstep
Ami is a cheerful girl who is the Student Council President of Natsuki's school. She is a big fan of dubstep music. And like Natsuki, they are both fans of Skrillex. Her alter ego is Cure Dubstep and she plays some dubstep songs to purify the monsters.
Honohara Sakura/Gothic/Cure Remix
The Cure that appears halfway through the series. Sakura is Natsuki's long lost sister, they had been seperated for 14 years. Sakura was brainwashed by King Kaerb and she became evil. Before she turned good, Gothic really wanted to execute Cure DJ and friends. On episode 30, Cure DJ realized that Gothic was her long lost sister, and she fought Gothic until she realized. When Gothic realized, she began to cry and gave up being evil. Her alter ego is Cure Remix and like Cure DJ, they both play and mix some discs to purify the monsters.


Jockey is the first mascot to appear. He loves food and famous DJ's.
Disc is Jockey's sister. She loves fashion.
Hybrid id the last mascot to appear. In Episode 47 he is revealed that he is the King of Hip-Hop Kingdom.


Hybrid Headphones
The transformation item. The Cures shout out "Pretty Cure! Hybrid Makeover!"

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