Pretty Cure! Returns!(プリキュア! もど! Purikyua! Modoru!) is the first episode of Breathing! Pretty Cure! Stunning Supreme! Sterling!.


Jessi's voice is heard and states that Yumegaoka has been quiet for a year now without the Shallow Kingdom bothering anything. Akshi also hasn't said a word to Jessi since she left to rule Secretia.

No Words from Akshi

[Jessi is focusing on sewing a piece of fabric while voice over occurs]

Jessi:(VoiceOver)I'm Kaisoku Jessi. I live in Yumegaoka. I was once a normal girl until 2 years ago. 2 years ago,I became a legendary warrior known as Cure Palette!

[Transformation Pose of Cure Palette appears]

Jessi:Nothing bad has occurred since Akshi left to rule Secretia,but I haven't heard from her. The team drifted apart since she left....,is what you're thinking....right? That's wrong. We've still been together since.

[Opening occurs]


Chimera:Oh,morning. Kiryoku and Uta have went into class. Toshi still isn't here.

Jessi:Like normal. (frowns) But without Akshi.

Chimera:(Sadly nods) That's true.....But you never know! Akshi might return!

Jessi:I suppose...

[School Bell rings]

Meets the others

Jessi:Ah,we're late! (Runs off)

Chimera:Hey wait up!

[Jessi manages to get to class in time and finds Kiryoku and Uta]

Jessi:(smiles) Ah,Kiryoku,Uta!


Uta:Morning. Um,Jessi are you starting the band practice this time again?

Jessi:Sorry,Uta,I know haven't got time to be doing it this time. And I thought you were going to audition for the school's harmony?

Uta:Huh? Yeah I'm auditioning! (Turns angry) do you think I won't audition this year?

Kiryoku:(smile/sweat drop) I think she means you have a good singing voice...

Uta:Uh? Sorry Jessi for that. (Laughs)

Jessi:(sighs of relief and whispers) Thanks Kiryoku!


Teacher:(quietly)Okay then everyone into seats.

Kiryoku:Huh? When did we have a mouse teacher?

Jessi(laughs then voiceover:) Chimera,Kiryoku ,Uta and Toshi are also Pretty Cures. I learnt that I need meet new people in my lifetime from them.

[School bells rings for end of school]

Toshi:Yay! School over! Hey hurry up! Chimera!


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