Booker Town is a fictional city in the series' Hyper Pretty Cure! its sequel. Unlike the previouse series, the place has more cosmopolitans and buisnesses involved.


During the series, its currently the main target of the Discord Kingdom and is also the hometown of the five Cures and the three other main characters.

Based on the Outside World?

Unlike the other series, the place is based in both Akihabara and Saitama Perfecture. It has many references to other anime and cartoons.

All main characters show favoritism in a real anime show.

  • Aida likes Kobato.
  • Sakura likes Naruto.
  • Minako likes Keroro Gunsou.
  • Douji likes Kämpfer
  • Jullianna likes PriPara.


Booker Town Elementary School

The school where the Inner Circle attends.

Legend Cafe

An afterschool hang out place. Many students may discuss group projects here.

Shiyama Company

A company owned by Shiyama Makoto, Shiyama Shion's father.


  • This is more of a city than a town.
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