BlueAsahi Pretty Cure is a fan series made by GanbareHannahChan. The themes are romance, friendship, and the internet.


BlueAsahi Pretty Cure is the series where two online best friends get together to defeat the big baddies!

BlueAsahi Pretty Cure!
ブルアサヒ プリキュア!
BuruAsahi purikyua!
General Information
Original RunFebruary 4, TBA to January 26, TBA
Opening Song"Get Together! BlueAsahi Pretty Cure!" by Sayaka Nakaya
Ending Song1. "Best Friends Forever" by Tomoyo Kurosawa and Hitomi Yoshida

2. "Smile away!" by Hitomi Yoshida

Series Info
BlueAsahi Pretty Cure

A picture of Cure Hannah and Cure Reaper.


AsahiGirl and xxBlue-Reaperxx are two online best friends of DeviantART with two different personalities. AsahiGirl is the outgoing extrovert who would talk to anybody. xxBlue-Reaperxx is an introvert, but she's also willing to talk to anyone as well. What they do have in common is pretty much everything else. They are fangirls. They love anything they fangirl over and dislike raisins and be quiet songs.


AsahiGirl: A mentally strong woman. She is the lead of BlueAsahi Pretty Cure! She adores anything and everything she finds interesting. She has Aspergers Syndrome, which means she attends an Autism class in her school. She likes anime, food, candy, and selfies. She is represented by hearts. Transforms into Cure Hannah.

xxBlue-Reaperxx: An introvert in real life, but an extrovert online. She has ADHD, but her school doesn't have an ADHD class at her school. She likes the same things as AsahiGirl, except for selfies. She is represented by circles. Transforms into Cure Reaper.

Chi: The mascot for Asahi. Chi is cheerful and ready for adventure.

Cho: The mascot for Hinode. Cho is gentle and the perfect boyfriend. Opening page

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