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Blossom Stars! Pretty Cure!
ブロッサムスターズ! プリキュア!
Burossamusutāzu! Purikyua!
General Information
DirectorChinatsu Kiseki
Original Run??? 2068 - ??? 2069
Opening SongFukanō Wanai! Blossom Stars! Pretty Cure!
Ending SongThe Voice (1-26)
The Sky (27-50)
Series Info
PredecessorIdol Merveille Pretty Cure!
SuccessorMireille Shine Pretty Cure!

Blossom Stars! Pretty Cure! (ブロッサムスターズ! プリキュア! Burossamusutāzu! Purikyua!?) is the 51st fanseries created by Chinatsu Kiseki. The series motifs are flowers, stars and talents and the sub motifs are dreams, hope and miracles.


Mizutake Hanano and Mizutake Asahi are twins who have very different personalities; Hanano is smart and shy while Asahi is sporty and stubborn. One day, the two are enrolled into the prestigious talent academy: Sainō College. While there, the two find a small mirror-like item each and a pair charms in the colours of purple and red. Suddenly, a dog like fairy finds the two girls and introduces herself as Étoile, a fairy from the World of Talents. The three are then suddenly attacked by a woman who calls herself Cally who summons a Fusō. Étoile then sees the mirrors and the charms and calls them the Star Mirrors and Blossom Charms. She tells the two to shout "Pretty Cure, Blossom Star Makeover!", the two then do so and become Cure Clematis and Cure Fiammata respectively.


Pretty Cure

Mizutake Hanano (水竹花野 Mizutake Hanano?) /Cure Clematis
One of the two main characters of the series and the proclaimed lead cure. Hanano is a shy and smart 13-year old who is also the twin sister of the sporty and stubborn Mizutake Asahi. When together with Asahi, she can transform into Cure Clematis, the Pretty Cure of Flowers and Wind whose theme colour is purple.

Mizutake Asahi (水竹朝日 Mizutake Asahi?) /Cure Fiammata
One of the two main characters. Asahi is sporty and stubborn as well as the twin sister of the smart and shy Hanano. When together with Hanano, she can transform into Cure Fiammata, the Pretty Cure of flames and light whose theme colour is red.

World of Talents

Étoile (エトワール Etowāru?)
The main mascot of the series. She is a dog like fairy and one of the royal messengers of Queen Serene.

World of Despair

Supporting Characters





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