Black Sun Wave (黒陽 波動 Kurohi Hadō) - is Kurohi Amaterasu's main and signature attack, first used in Episode 45.


Her main attack as Kurohi Amaterasu, but only after she used Hot-Blooded Style, the black sun on her back is spinning faster while black flames from the sun become more darker, while her Magatama Jewel as floating rings around of her neck, legs and arms spinning quickly and faster, which making black fire rings. She gathered the black energy of the Mugen Furyoku, the black seal appears on the ground around of her, then she send an amulet to the top and raise her both arms to create a black sun-like seal, gather the black energy into it and sends the black energy blast towards her targets which provoked an black explosion.



Kurohi Amaterasu: Kuro Taiyō no Naka de Moe, Yami ga Hikari o Tojikomeru!

Kurohi Amaterasu: Hissatsu, Purikyua!

Kurohi Amaterasu: Kurohi Hadō!


Kurohi Amaterasu: 黒太陽の中で燃え, 闇が光を閉じ込める!

Kurohi Amaterasu: 必殺, プリキュア!

Kurohi Amaterasu: 黒陽 波動!


Kurohi Amaterasu: Burn in the Black Sun, Dark Engulf the Light!

Kurohi Amaterasu: Overkill, Precure!

Kurohi Amaterasu: Black Sun Wave!


  • It was the first finisher attack when a Cure enters in darker form.
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