Chi is love struck again!
Season : BlueAsahi Pretty Cure!, Episode 5
Air date March 4
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Chi is lovestruck again!

Eyecatch for Episode 5.

Chi is love struck again! (チーは愛が再び襲ったです!Chi wa ai ga futatabi osottadesu!) is the 5th episode of BlueAsahi Pretty Cure.


Cho kissing Chi goodbye.

Cho kissing Chi

Now that Asahi knows Chi could turn into a human, Chi has to do the worst: going to school. Asahi told Chi to never tell anyone that she was a mascot from Kawaii World. Thankfully Chi is good at keeping secrets. Then, after her first class, she was about to go to her next class, when she sees Cho attending as well! Chi blushes at first, but then she gets the bravery to talk to Cho. She asks him if he attends any classes with him and shows him her schedule. Cho said he was also going to the same Ceramics class as Chi. Chi never knew Cho was interested in Ceramics until now. After they talked, Cho kissed Chi goodbye and left. Chi was left blushing, but at least she finally made it to her class before the bell. She sees other students in the class across from her. She was glad she didn't have to take a test. The teacher told everyone that they were going to take a test, but Chi was the only exception, because she was a new kid. After all her classes, Asahi asked Chi what she thought about it. She said it was stressful. Asahi told her that she would have to go every day. Chi said that the school in Kawaii World was once a week. Asahi met Hinode and told her Chi was starting to go to school. Then, Asahi asked Chi and Cho if they wanted to go on a date, and they said yes. Asahi then told them they had to finish their first year of school. Chi was disappointed that she couldn't go on a date with Cho. Asahi spotted something in the background and ran over to see. She told Hinode that they needed to go. They transformed and told Cho and Chi to stay there. Chi started blushing. Cho took her hand. Chi was blushing even more. Meanwhile, Asahi was fighting a monster that was sent by Hachimitsu's parents. They then did their final attack and the monster was defeated.


  • In this episode, Chi goes to school.
  • Cho and Chi attend the same school


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