Now my internet friend's a Pretty Cure!
Season BlueAsahi Pretty Cure!, Episode 2
Air date February 11
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I'm a Pretty Cure? No way!
Shall we go? We shall win!
Now my internet friend's a Pretty Cure!

Eyecatch for episode 2.

Asahi is shocked when she sees Hinode in real life

Asahi meets Hinode in real life.

Now my internet friend's a Pretty Cure! (今私のインターネットの友人はプリキュアです!Ima watashi no intānetto no yūjin wa purikyuadesu!) is the 2nd episode of BlueAsahi Pretty Cure by GanbareHannahChan.


Cho in Hinode's bedroom

Cho's debut.

Chi and Cho about to hold hands.

Chi and Cho in the wagon.

Now that Asahi became a Cure, she was excited that she gets to meet her friend Hinode in person. She believes reality sucked until now. Back in Sunny Antee, Hinode was in her bedroom when she saw something strange. She looked at it, and asked "Who are you?" The creature told her that his name is Cho, and like Chi, he came from Kawaii World as well. Hinode took a picture of him (He isn't camera shy) and sent it to Asahi. He teleports Hinode to Asahi. Asahi was shocked. She asked Hinode if she was Hinode. She said yes. Chi was blushing in the background when she saw Cho. She told Asahi that Cho was her love interest for years. Asahi could understand why, and blushed as well. Later, a big baddie came running across the background. Asahi turned into Cure Hannah. Cho gave Hinode the Henshin Piano. Hinode transformed as well. They fought the monster, and they both used their duo attack, the "Five Note String". The big baddie got taken down, and the city was saved. Asahi and Hinode soon pulled a wagon containing Cho and Chi. Chi was embarrassed because her biggest love interest Cho was sitting next to her in a wagon. They then ride off into the sunset.


  • In this episode, it was revealed that Cho was Chi's love interest.
  • Hinode receives the Henshin Piano.
  • This is the first episode when Honey Boo never appeared.


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