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Beyond the Skies
is owned by Saitou Haruma.
The page may contain spoilers for the actual series.
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Beyond the Skies
is owned by Saitou Haruma.
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Please note that this page may contain spoilers for Haruma’s series.
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Beyond the Skies
Sora o Koete
General Information
Director Saitou Haruma
Studio Mysticland Animations
Original Run May 27 2019 — ???
Opening Song Soul Believer
Ending Song Extraordinary! Door of Courage
To Your Future Self
The Symphony of the Sun
The Promised Melody
With All My Heart
Endless Torch
Friends With You
Series Info
Genre(s) Magical Girls
Theme(s) See Each Season
Connecting our hands will link the worlds together!
—Official Phrase

Beyond the Sky (空を超えて Sora o Koete?) is a magical girl anime produced by Mysticland Animations and directed and written by Saitou Haruma. The series will have over 200+ episodes, as well as multiple seasons and movies. The series focuses on multiple girls and their lives as legendary guardians known as Pretty Cure. The series is an unofficial spinoff of the Pretty Cure franchise, featuring all the Cures from Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart to HUGtto! Pretty Cure. Even though it includes the Cures from those seasons, the teams are not the same. Instead, the teams are re-sorted into teams and their past, present and future are changed, as well as their friendships and where their trust lies.


The Pretty Cure Bands♬

One day, when Saitou Haruma was watching Love Live! and was suddenly inspired to make a Pretty Cure series with the main theme as Idols and with multiple teams. Although she had inspiration for the series, she had zero inspiration for the creation of the characters. Because of this, she decided to use canon Cures and make an unofficial spin-off series to the original Pretty Cure series. Wanting to have all the teams be equal, she put together eight teams, each having seven members. To pick the Cures’ teams she used a wheel.




Saitou Haruma’s Series
First Generation Cosmic Haven☆Pretty Cure!Go! Loveboost Pretty CureWow!★Wow! Pretty CureSpiral Hearts Pretty Cure彡
Second Generation Max Power! Pretty Cure
Others Beyond the Skies (Bands, Tales)Yes! Smile Pretty Cure