Berry Catch Pretty Cure
General Information
NetworkTV Asahi
Original RunFebruary 2018 - Janurary 2019
Opening SongKon'nichiwa! Berry Catch Pretty Cure!
Ending SongBerry patch Game ~ EVERYONE NOW! (Episode 1 - Episode 23)

Forever Fruit ~ YUMMY!!! (Episode 23 - Episode 47)

Series Info


 Berry Catch Pretty Cure is a new fanseries created by Strawberrystar33. The series features a Fruit thematic.


The story starts out far off within the Milky Way galaxy, is the wonderful fruit themed realm of Fraise, and it was the ruler, Queen Strawberry's birthday. There is a special item called the Fruity Crystal which contains the power of every fruit in the world but unfortunately it has been stolen by the evil Empress Rot and her three sisters Mold, blight and Decay.

Parfait, the queen's loyal apprentice is then told to search for the legendary warriors known as Pretty Cure.


Pretty Cure

  • Oda Ichigo / Cure Strawberry 

A cheerful and bright girl who is also very imaginative. Ichigo is also has a love for cute things including plushies and cute trinkets or keyrings. She wants to someday make a blog on cute things, as did her older sister Ringo.

"Fruit of love and happiness, growing beautifully! Cure Strawberry!" 

  • Nashiki Masami / Cure Pear 

​Quite a dramatic but calm student in Ichigo's in addition to being her main source of advice and best friend. Masami is also a big fan ice cream, with her favorites being Mint. Masami although is afraid of dogs and spiders.

"Fruit of hope and wisdom, growing greatly! Cure Pear!" 

  • Abe Kin / Cure Grapefruit 

A shy and extremely paranoid, so much that is even afraid to go outside. Kin's mother is owner of the well known fruit store, Rêver. Kin although does love grapefruit and will eat with anything. She can also can be quite nervous at times.

"Fruit of bravery and trust, growing strongly! Cure Grapefruit!"  


  • Parfait

A small fairy who loves desserts and constantly gets into fights with Ichigo.


  • Queen Strawberry

The Peaceful ruler of Fraise. 

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