Beautiful Wedding♡Pretty Cure! is a fanmade series by Pretty Cure Lover 4567. The theme is weddings and love.

Beautiful Wedding♡Pretty Cure!
Beautiful Wedding ♡ Pretty Cure ! Logo
Utsukushi Kekkonshiki♡Purikyua!
General Information
DirectorPretty Cure Lover 4567
StudioToeli Animation
NetworkAnime TV
Opening SongI Love You! Beautiful Wedding♡Pretty Cure!
Ending SongPretty Cure,Will You Marry Me?

True Love

Series Info
PredecessorYin Yang Pretty Cure
SuccessorAuruoa Guardians Pretty Cure


The Wedding Land used to be filled with love that was ruled by King Shinzo and Queen Happi,but King Shinzo's evil twin sister Kanji overthrew the king and queen and turned Wedding Land into No Love Land. The King and Queen sent their fairy to find some heroes that could bring back Wedding Land. Luckily,she found the new Pretty Cure.



Niwa Masae-Masae is the leader of the team. She dreams of finding the perfect guy and is known to be filled with love. She has many admirers but wants to find that "special guy". Her alter ego is Cure Bride(Kyua Hanayome),the Cure of Brides and her powers are related to love. Her theme color is pink.

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