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Bara Rina, get it
Personal Information
Age30-40 years old
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorPurple
Home PlaceBallet Kingdom
Alter EgoBara Rina
Power(s)She spies on people, she's distracting and loud
Anime Information
SeasonPretty Cure La La La!
First AppearancePCLLL01
SeiyuuShida Mirai

Ballerine (バレリン Barerin) is the mascot of Pretty Cure La La La!. Nothing much is known about her, besides of the fact that she has stage fright. Her human alter ego is Bara Rina (りな薔薇 Rina Bara). She says "~rin" at the end of her sentences.


Ballerine was originally created as a spy camera disguised as a ballerina music box to look over incoming spies, so it would make sense that her physique is very humanoid. She has fair skin, brown hair, and purple eyes. Her ballerina outfit is bubblegum pink.

As Bara, she has brown hair and purple eyes, with a magenta shirt and a denim blue skirt. Her shoes are red.


  • Her human appearance is based on June from Little Einsteins.
  • Her name used to be Barina, but that sounded weird to me.

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