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General Information
GroupWicked Galactica
Anime Information
SeasonStarry Cosmic Love Pretty Cure
First AppearanceStCLPC01

Azelfu (アグノム?) is an antagonist in Starry Cosmic Love Pretty Cure. Azelfu is one of the three evil fairies that make up the Galatiorans, fairies who serve the Wicked Galactica. Azelfu represents willpower.




Azelfu is a brash fairy who does not think most of her actions through. She can easily become frustrated when she is defeated and will always come back to the enemies that she failed to defeat in order to avenge herself.




Attacking the Starry Palace and Meeting the Cures

Ordered by the Wicked Galactica, the Galatiorans attack the Starry Palace, home to the Royal Family of Airen in the Cosmic Galaxy. Azelfu finds King Eridanus and begins to battle him, believing to have succeeded after King Eridanus suddenly disappeared. She follows two lights that she believes were sent by the king.

As she followed the lights, she was brought to the Milky Way Galaxy. After a number of attempts to catch the lights but to no avail, Azelfu decides that she needed to summon the two Chaosticas given to her by Chaos. The lights immediately find their targets, Akiyama Keira and Fujiwara Aria, transforming them into the new Pretty Cures. With her Chaosticas defeated after purification, Azelfu escapes.[[StCLPC01|]]

Decisive Battle With The Cures

After finally having enough, Azelfu takes Uxieo's advice of separating the two Cures. Azelfu arrives at Amanatia Academy and summons two Chaosticas, each on the opposite side of the academy, splitting the Pretty Cures. At first, the strategy seemed to work, but when the Cures obtained their new weapons and performed their new attacks, the plan failed.

Azelfu, who was finally fed up, began to manipulate the negative energy of everyone in Amanatia Academy, turning them into power for Azelfu who began to transform into her ultimate form. The Cures are overwhelmed after realizing that Forever - Eternal Shooting Star! wasn't working. However, with their newfound power and stronger teamwork, the Cures unlock Cosmic Harmony, a more powerful group attack that purifies Azelfu, defeating her.StCLPC11





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