Azayaka Private Island (鮮やか民間の島 Azayaka Minkan No Shima) is a private island owned by Himeji's family and one of the locations in Majestic Pretty Cure! series. This island located not very far away from their city and they must go there using their private ships or helicopters.

Island Appearance


From above, the island is unshapped. It has beaches all around the island. It has some mountains which near one of the beaches part. The mansion/villa is located in the middle of the island on top of a cliff which has stairs to climb. Around it are mostly forests. But near the villa, it has a tennis court with a basketball field next to it, a space for lighting bonfire and bbq, archery field, small playground and mini garden. Near the mountains it has a beautiful waterfall. The mansion is very big. It has a fountain in the outside and decorated with many plants and rocks and lights. The mansion has some gazebo. The mansion is four floored.


The first floor of the mansion is the hall with a huge chandelier above. It has chairs to relax and a grand piano. There's also a bar which serve drinks and snacks. Next to the bar is the restaurant/dining hall.Just right outside the mansion on the behind is an outdoor hot bath. The second and third floor are all bedrooms. The fourth floor are ome other rooms like arcade room which has games like billiard, car games, shooting games and others, next to it is a table tennis room and karaoke room. The rooftop has a private pool and gym.


  • Beach
  • Mountains
  • Mansion
    • Private Pool
    • Gym
    • Arcade Place
    • Table Tennis
    • Hot Bath
    • Bar & Restaurant
    • Karaoke Room
  • Tennis & Basketball Field
  • Playground
  • Garden
  • Archery Field
  • Bonfire
  • Waterfall & Lakes

People Who Live There

Mostly the Azayaka family members live outside the island. So, the island is taken care by Himeji's grandmother and helpers.

  • Azayaka Yura / Himeji's Grandmother
  • Kim - Her Grandma's personal butler
  • Akari - One of the maids
  • Kiyo - One of the maids
  • Nanami - The Chef
  • Jun - The Barista



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