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The Azalea Pretty Cure! Vocal Album 1 ~Daylight SURPRISE♡~ (アザレアプリキュア! ボーカルアルバム1〜夏時SURPRISE♡〜?) is the first vocal album released for Azalea Pretty Cure!. The album will feature 2 new character songs for the Pretty Cures, as well as their first two character songs from their character albums, two duets between the Cures and a song sung by Hanazawa Kana. The opening and ending will also be featured in the album.

The album is set to be released on the 21st August 2018.


Track # Title Time
01 Bright! Azalea Pretty Cure!
(明るい! アザレアプリキュア!?)
02 Song For You♪
03 Bright☆Starlight☆Blessing
04 Cherry Heart
05 HOPE ~A Floral Light~
06 Daylight SURPRISE♡
07 Forever Resonance ~DREAM~
09 Courage to Stand Up
10 Believe in Hope
11 Friendship Diary
12 Seven Coloured Breeze
13 Glowing Starry Sky Light
14 Flourishing Heart



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