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Azalea Pretty Cure!
General Information
DirectorChinatsu Kiseki
Opening SongBright! Azalea Pretty Cure!
Ending SongFlourishing Heart
Series Info

Azalea Pretty Cure! (アザレアプリキュア!?) is a new series created by Chinatsu Kiseki. The series motifs are nature and dreams whilst the sub motifs are flowers.


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In the Natura Paradise, there is a legend of 2 legendary flowers called the Pretty Cure who will fight the forces of darkness if the Natura Paradise is threatened.

Amano Yume is a famous idol who is very energetic and enthusiastic compared to the shy and quiet not-so-popular Ogawa Sakurako. One day, after hosting a concert, Yume and Sakurako bump into each other and meet two fairies from Natura Paradise: Lily and Amber. Suddenly, the four are attacked by Myria who summons a Rosia! And then, Lily and Amber transform Yume and Sakurako into Cure Dianthus and Cure Cherry!


Pretty Cure

Amano Yume (天野夢?) / Cure Dianthus - The lead cure of the series. Yume is a very famous idol just at 13 and is extremely energetic and enthusiastic plus popular. However, she can be quite lonely at times. After meeting Lily, she can transform into Cure Dianthus (キュアディアントス?), who holds the power of floral dreams whose theme color is purple. She uses the power of starlight.

Ogawa Sakurako (小川桜子?) / Cure Cherry - A shy and quiet girl who is very outcasted, Sakurako is also very passionate about drawing however, hates showing off her work. After meeting Amber, she can transform into Cure Cherry (キュアチェリー?), who holds the power of floral hope whose theme color is yellow. She uses the power of flowers.

Natura Paradise

Lily (リリー?) - One of the two main mascots of the series and Yume's mascot partner. Lily is known for her "fluorescent" personality and courageous nature throughout the Natura Paradise.

Amber (アンバー?) - One of the two main mascots of the series and Sakurako's mascot partner. Amber is known for her intelligent and clever nature throughout the Natura Paradise.

Mistress Yuuzora (女優夕空?) - The ruler of the Natura Paradise.


Myria (ミリア?) - The first to attack the Pretty Cure. Myria, often called Myra (マイラ?) by the other members of Desacuerdo Heart, is a cold and selfish girl who can often be quite the trickster.

Rosia (ロシア?) - The monster of the week in which the members of Desacuerdo Heart use to cause chaos and destruction. Their name is a mix of the flower "rose" and the Spanish word "Discordia".




Hikasazaka (日笠坂?) - The main setting of the series and the hometown of the Cures.

Natura Paradise (ナチュラパラダイス?) - The homeworld of Lily and Amber. It is currently ruled by Mistress Yuuzora.

Desacuerdo Heart (デスカエードハート?) - The homeworld of the antagonists. It is the source of all despair and chaos in the universe.

Hikasazaka Middle School (日笠坂中学校?) - The school Yume and Sakurako attend.



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