Aurorean Dynasty
is part of Prism Pretty Cure! and belongs to Infinity Mirai

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The Aurorean Dynasty (pronounced A-roar-re-in Die-nasty) is one of the kingdoms featured in the Prism Pretty Cure! Series.


Since ancient times the Aurorean Dynasty and Shadow Domain have been in eternal discord. Though distinct in nature, they maintain the order of light and darkness. An era of peace finally ties the two paradoxical realms together under the Diapason Treaty, which forbids any acts of malevolence from breaking the balance. Sadly, disastrous events, such as the death of both rulers, create violent tensions between the realms. Grimm, the King of Darkness, manages to destroy the Aurorean Dynasty and defeats the last member of the royal family Evelyn. Though stricken of her power, Evelyn transports Frore and Castor who are tasked with the job of mobilizing the Prism Guardians, Pretty Cure. However, to prevent this, Grimm sends his forces to capture them, and collect lost wishes for his grand scheme along the way.




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