Atarashi Fairytale Pretty Cure!
新しい フェアリーテール プリキュア!
Atarashī Fearītēru Purikyua!
General Information
Original RunUnkown
Opening SongNew Smile
Ending SongOther side of Fairytale

Dreams can come True

Series Info
Theme(s)Fairytales, Happiness, Friendship, Family
Atarashi Fairytale Pretty Cure! (新しい フェアリーテール プリキュア Atarashī Fearītēru Purikyua) is Pretty Cure fanseries created by MoonlightRainbow. It's new generation/sequel series to Smile Pretty Cure!  and takes place 4 years after events of Smile. It's main themes are fairytales and happiness and it's side themes are friendship and family. 


It's been four year since Smile Pretty Cure defeated Pierrot when suddenly new enemy appeared. Smile Pretty Cure used their powers to defeat enemy but all five of them along with future queen of Marchenland Candy disappeared and weren't seen since.

Few months later danger has returned. Fairies Ururun, Oninin and Majorin have to go to human world to find three new Pretty Cure. 13 year old middle school student Midorikawa Haru runs into Majorin and gets powers to become Pretty Cure. Now with her two partners she has to protect world and maybe find reason for her older sister's dissapearance. 


Pretty Cure

Midorikawa Haru - Haru is 13 year old girl. She comes from big family and has two older and four younger siblings. Her oldest sister Nao disappeared few months and Haru is determined to find out reason of her disappearance. Her alter ego is Cure April and she has powers of Earth. 

Hikaru Minako - A 13 year old girl who is daughter of policeman who always ran into Majorina when she lost her inventions. She is very good at maths and loves inventing things. She has big imagination and a lot of ideas which sometimes seem very crazy. She often goes in her own world and forgets what is happening around her. Her alter ego is Cure Thunderbolt and she has powers of Lightning.

Miyazawa Annabeth -


Majorin - Haru's fairy partner. She often feels nervous when around Haru or her siblings or whenever someone mentions Nao.

Oninin -

Ururun -

Pop -

Candy -


Smile Pretty Cure

Other Characters





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