Astrology Signs☆Pretty Cure! (Asutororoji Shotaji☆Purikya!) is a fanmade series by Pretty Cure Lover 567. (Please do not edit this without my permission.) The theme is about Chinese astrology signs and Kung Fu.

Astrology Signs☆Pretty Cure
Asutororoji Shotaji☆Purikya!
General Information
DirectorPretty Cure Lover 4567
StudioToei Animation
NetworkAnime TV
Opening SongYin And Yang! Astrology Signs☆Pretty Cure!
Ending SongThe Animal Within Us

Masters Of Astrology☆

Series Info
Theme(s)Chinese astrology signs,Kung Fu
PredecessorStar☆Twinkle Pretty Cure
SuccessorGo !Rainbow Princess Pretty Cure


Ni hao! My name is Zhou Hua! I'm 14 and I live in Wuhan,China! I can speak Chinese and Japanese! Impressive,huh? Anyways,I used to be a normal girl when suddenly evil monsters are trying to take over the world. But they'll have get past me and my friends if they want to take over our planet! This is one adventure we'll never forget!


  • Zhou Hua-Hua is the leader of the Pretty Cure. She is crafty,smart,and kind. She is the student president of Chang lu Middle School. Her alter ego is Cure Rat,the Pretty Cure of the Rat. Her theme color is pink.
  • Bau Ming-Hau's childhood best friend. She is honest,loyal,and cautious. She can be stubborn,but caring. Her alter ego is Cure Ox,the Pretty Cure of the Ox. Her theme color is brown.
  • Geng Lan-Lan is your typical tomboy. She is adventurous,outspoken,and prideful. She has a bad temper,but she is very energetic. Her alter ego is Cure Tiger,the Pretty Cure of the Tiger. Her theme colors are orange and black.
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