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Astra Pretty Cure☆
Asutorapurikyua ☆
General Information
DirectorChinatsu Kiseki
Opening SongStarry☆Astra Pretty Cure☆
Ending SongCelestial✧Promise
Series Info

Astra Pretty Cure☆ (アストラプリキュア☆?) is a new series created by Chinatsu Kiseki, where the series motif is space.


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In Seikei, there is a legend that goes like:
When evil falls upon this world, aiming to destroy the universe; the shining stars of legend, the Pretty Cure, will awaken and defeat this evil using the powers bestowed upon them by their ancestors.

Chisaka Mariko is a timid but kind-hearted 14-year old who loves reading about the universe. One day, while reading about the Solar System, she comes across a bear-like fairy who calls herself Nebula. However, as the two start to talk, a mysterious 15-year old girl named Nylora attacks and summons a monster to attack the two! Suddenly, Mariko is enveloped by a bright light, causing her to transform into Cure Solar using the phrase "Pretty Cure, Astra Projection!"!


Pretty Cure

Chisaka Mariko (千坂まりこ?) / Cure Solar (キュアソーラー?) - The lead cure of the series, Mariko is a timid but kind-hearted 14-year old girl who loves to read about the universe. However, due to her interests and often getting teased because of them, Mariko can often be cold and distant. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Solar, whose theme color is pink. She controls the power of fire.

Aojima Ruka (青島月花?) / Cure Midnight (キュアミッドナイト?) - An upbeat and passionate girl, Ruka is known around the school for being the captain of both the soccer team and fencing team. She is also the type of person who never gives up until the end which Mariko admires about Ruka. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Midnight, whose theme color is blue. She controls the power of water.


Nebula (ネブラ?) - The main mascot of the series, Nebula is a bear-like fairy who is known around Seikei for her sweet personality and her frequent daydream behaviour.

Lumiere (リュミエール?) - The ruler of Seikei, Lumiere is a strong but gentle and confident woman who cares for the citizens of Seikei. She seems to have a special connection with Kuroana.


Kuroana (黒穴?) - The main antagonist of the series, Kuroana is a sadistic and malicious woman who despises Lumiere for some unknown reason who she seems to have a special connection with.

Nylora (ナイロラ?) - The first antagonist to attack the cures, Nylora is an aloof and unmotivated 15-year old girl who tends to have wavering feelings about fighting on the side of evil.

Zaros (ザロス?) - The second antagonist to attack the cures, Zaros is mischievous and a trickster. He is also not very serious about his work and sometimes prefers to play games like hide and seek with the cures.

Adrienne (アドリアンヌ?) - The third antagonist to attack the cures, Adrienne is a very serious and intellectual woman who is extremely tactical.

Kurohara Kurara (黒原くらら?) / Cure Plasma (キュアプラズマ?) - A Dark Pretty Cure, Kurara is a childish and fun loving girl but is very sadistic however, is also rather lonely and wants to have friends. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Plasma, whose theme color is red. She controls the power of electricity.


Yuhara Yumi (湯原ゆみ?) - Mariko's childhood and best friend, Yumi is a very intelligent young lady who also tends to protect Mariko from bullies around the school. She is a kind and loyal girl.



Hoshichiku (星地区?) - The main setting of the series, Hoshichiku is a district located south of Tokyo and and is known for their wide range of sweets.

Hoshichiku Middle School (星地区中学校?) - The school that the cures attend.

Seikei (星界?) - Nebula's homeworld.



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