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Ashita (Song)
is part of the Sky Pretty Cure Series and belongs to Yousei A. Sina

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Singer(s) Writer Composer Arranger Time Appears in
Murakawa Rie
(村川 梨衣)
Yousei A. Sina - - 3:58 Sky Pretty Cure Rainbow Run Vocal Album 2

Ashita (あした Ashita?) is the second image song of Shirosora Diamond in Sky Pretty Cure. It was performed by Murakawa Rie.


Tomorrow, tomorrow will be a lucky day
Tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a happy day
Tomorrow! Tomorrow my heart will bloom!

This day lasts forever. This day is the day I find my inner desire
This day I find the strength to find
the way in a fortunate future
This day is the day! The one day I get ready for
the next day. To a shining tomorrow!

This day last forever. The endless time of the heart
This day I get stronger, today I will grow for my
Dream of tomorrow. Today I will find the
secret of a shining and blooming time!

Tomorrow, tomorrow will be a lucky day
Tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a happy day
Tomorrow! Tomorrow! Tomorrow I will turn into a beautiful Flower!

Today, I’m a small blossom planted in
the field of beautiful flowers. All around me
Roses, Tulips, Daisies. They are blooming
They have found their tomorrow love!

This day, I was promised to be thought
How to grow, how to shine like everyone
This day, I will turn into the flower I want to be
This day is the day, the day I start shining like the brightest flower
on this world!

Tomorrow, tomorrow will be a lovely day!
Tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a exciting day!
Tomorrow, tomorrow! Yes tomorrow,
I will shine brighter than the brightest star!

The warmth around my heart!
Tomorrow! The feeling in my heart!

Tomorrow I will shine!
Tomorrow I will bloom!

To a shining tomorrow! Let’s go!


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