We Need You
Arcana Pretty Cure! episode 8
"Anata ga hitsuyōdesu"
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Opening Let's Go! Game Start!
Ending Power to Fight

This is the 8th episode of Arcana Pretty Cure! series and the 58th episode of AisuShironami's fanseries.


Remembered what their goal is, they hurriedly went to find Miho in the destructed part of city. Some part of city has destroyed and many people injured. They managed to arrive safely and found Miho saved by some man. They ran to her and ask if she's okay. Miho scratched her arm but she's okay. Gina told her that Miho must become a Pretty Cure. Incident like this can happen more often and harsher than this. She still said she's refusing. Then she heard someone calling a person she knew. Miho turned and saw one of her friend from piano class got injured badly. She's bleeding and unconscious. Miho ran to her with her friends but they are held back by doctors and polices. Miho cried and followed to the hospital. Aimi, Gina and Matsuri followed her. Her friend must have a surgery. While waiting, Miho asked why did she chosen to become a Pretty Cure. She want somebody else to do it. Gina told her that four of them are reincarnations of legendary leaders of Eikonikos. Those four leaders have bought justice and peace to Eikonikos until the end of their lives. This time, earth is under attack from their old foe who came for revenge knowing that their reincarnations will mostly born here. Not long after that, they got news that the surgery failed because she's losing too much blood. Cried of her friend passing away, Miho cannot do anything. Suddenly, screams echoed outside and a beast is still left undefeated. Three of them went out to defeat the last beast. Miho asked Major and Minor, will it change if she become a Pretty Cure. Major and Minor hopes that even with a little push, things can get better. Then, Miho came outside and transformed. Four of them defeated the beast. Miho finally agreed to become a Pretty Cure to get revenge for her friend.



  • Suzunaka Aimi / Cure Knight
  • Shinju Miho / Cure Spectre
  • Shikako Matsuri / Cure Priest
  • Hoshizaki Gina / Cure Enchanter


  • Major
  • Minor


  • Glitch

Secondary Characters

Major Events

  • The team has finally assembled


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