Cure Knight? Just Like Games!
Arcana Pretty Cure! episode 2
キュアナイト? 同じようにゲーム!
"Kyuanaito? Onajiyōni gēmu!"
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Opening Let's Go! Game Start!
Ending Power to Fight

This is the 2nd episode of Arcana Pretty Cure! series and the 52nd episode of AisuShironami's fanseries.


Shocked meeting Gina again, she tried to avoid her. But, having to be in the same class makes it hard and harder when she finds out that Gina is Miho's roommate. Gina keep asks her about what should they do to remove all Glitches but Aimi seemed to lost everything. She asked her to explain what is she talking about and met two peculiar cat and dog. Both have oddly colored fur, it has wings and able to talk. On their way to her ballet course, they heard screams from there and a Glitch has appeared. Gina hurriedly ran followed by Aimi. Gina transformed and Aimi only able to look in awe. Gina told her to also transform and help her, but Aimi still having a hard time believing her. As the Glitch hit her ballet course, she saw her coach was fainted. She got no choice but to do what she told to do. She transformed into a Pretty Cure.



  • Suzunaka Aimi / Cure Knight
  • Shinju Miho / Cure Spectre
  • Shikako Matsuri / Cure Priest
  • Hoshizaki Gina / Cure Enchanter


  • Major
  • Minor


  • Goliath
  • Glitch

Secondary Characters

Major Events

  • Aimi transformed into Cure Knight for the first time
  • Gina made her first on-screen transformation sequence.


  • The founded tarot card is "Strength"
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