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The Arc-en-Ciel Lumiere Pretty Cure Vocal Album 1 "Rainbow-Kissed Miracle Heart" (Arc-en-Cielルミエールプリキュアボーカルアルバム1「レインボーキス奇跡心」?) is the first vocal album released for Arc-en-Ciel Lumiere Pretty Cure. The album features the second character songs of the 5 Pretty Cures, a duet, a group song and an image song in addition to the opening and ending songs of the series. The album is set to be released on the 28th June, 2019.


Track # Title Time
01 Miracle Rainbow☆Arc-en-Ciel Lumiere Pretty Cure
02 Cherry Blossom❀Maiden
03 Yes! Yes! Don't Give Up~!
(はい! はい! あきらめないで〜!?)
04 Sunlight Lumiere
05 Fantasy
06 Igniting Wisdom
07 Rainbow-Kissed Miracle Heart
08 Aquamarine Ruby Heart
09 LIGHT MY HEART☆Legendary Warrior
10 Rainbow・Coloured・Promise
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