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Arc-en-Ciel Lumiere Pretty Cure The Movie: The Lost Hope of the Forgotten Kingdom of Dreams
Eiga Arc-en-Ciel rumiērupurikyua: Wasure-ra yume no ōkoku no ushinawareta kibō
SeriesArc-en-Ciel Lumiere Pretty Cure
Original Release25th October, 2019
DirectorChinatsu Kiseki
ScreenplayChinatsu Kiseki
Art DirectorChinatsu Kiseki
Art DesignChinatsu Kiseki
Animation DirectorChinatsu Kiseki
OpeningMiracle Rainbow☆Arc-en-Ciel Lumiere Pretty Cure (Movie Size)
Insert SongForgotten Dream
Horizon of the Moon
EndingOur Arc-en-Ciel・Dreaming Spectrum (Movie Size)
Arc-en-Ciel Lumiere Pretty Cure The Movie: The Lost Hope of the Forgotten Kingdom of Dreams (映画Arc-en-Cielルミエールプリキュア:忘れら夢の王国の失われた希望?) is the series movie of Arc-en-Ciel Lumiere Pretty Cure. The movie is set to be released on the 25th October, 2019 and will feature Gingasaka Seiya/Cure Nebulus' first movie appearance.




Pretty Cure


Movie Characters

  • Alya (アリア?) / Cure Horizon (キュアホライゾン?)
    A young Pretty Cure who resides in the Kingdom of Dreams and is fighting to safe the Kingdom from despair, Alya is a timid 10-year old who has strong fighting abilities despite her shy nature. Despite her abilities as a Cure, she tends to doubt them and often loses battle due to this. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Horizon, the white dream of hope who controls the power of the sky.
    She is voiced by Takatsuki Kanako.
  • Selena (セレナ?) / Cure Luna (キュアルナ?)
    Much like Alya, Selena is a young 10-year old Pretty Cure fighting to save the Kingdom of Dreams from despair. Unlike her partner, Selena possesses a much colder personality and appears to have a distant nature. However, she protects and helps Horizon whenever she needs it. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Luna, the black dream of love who controls the power of moonlight.
    She is voiced by Kobayashi Aika.
  • Nightmare (ナイトメア?)
    The main antagonist of the movie, Nightmare is a vengeful female spirit who haunts the dreams of sleeping people and, as her name suggests, makes them have nightmares; feeding off the victims fear once they have the bad dream. She is also seen to be sadistic and merciless, not caring about anyone whatsoever.
    She additionally caused people (apart from Alya and Selena since she couldn't access their dreams due to them (the two's dreams) being too powerful) to forget about the Kingdom of Dreams, allowing her to take over the kingdom.



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