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Glitter Force Éclat Spectra! is a fanmade Glitter Force English Dub for Arc-en-Ciel Lumiere Pretty Cure. Unlike Glitter Force and Glitter Force DokiDoki, there will be no episodes omitted.

Name Changes


  • 01: The Awakening of a New Warrior!
  • 02: The Passion of the Blue Seas!
  • 03: The Sunlight! Glitter Soleil!
  • 04: The Breeze of Beryl's Creativity!
  • 05: The Blazing Mysterious Warrior!
  • 06: Hunt for Glitter Ignite's Civilian Self!
  • 07: The Warriors of the Rainbow!
  • 08: Water and Fire: The Impossible Duo!
  • 09: Her Hated Nickname! Milly's Detest!
  • 10: TBA



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