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Arc-en-Ciel Lumiere Pretty Cure
Arc - en - Ciel rumiērupurikyua
General Information
DirectorChinatsu Kiseki
Original Run17th March, 2019 - 16th February, 2020
Opening SongMiracle Rainbow☆Arc-en-Ciel Lumiere Pretty Cure
Ending SongRainbow・Coloured・Promise (1 - 26)
Our Arc-en-Ciel・Dreaming Spectrum (27 - 48)
Series Info
SuccessorArc-en-Ciel Lumiere Pretty Cure ~Eternal Melody~

Arc-en-Ciel Lumiere Pretty Cure (Arc-en-Cielルミエールプリキュア?) is a series created by Chinatsu Kiseki. The series themes are rainbows and light.


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Pretty Cure

Hanae Momoko (花絵桃子?) / Cure Jasmine (キュアジャスミン?)
The lead cure of the series, Momoko is a shy and timid yet calm, kind and gentle girl who is often described to be as delicate as a flower due to her sensitive nature. She also takes care of the school flower beds, having received the nickname Maiden of Flowers (花の乙女?) from the students around the school and often gets unwanted attention in which she hates. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Jasmine, the pink light of kindness who controls the power of flowers.

Aota Umi (青田うみ?) / Cure Aequor (キュアイクオル?)
The student council president of Minami-iro Middle School yet is very sporty and energetic, Umi is the captain of the soccer and tennis teams. Despite her role as student council president, she is pretty bad in her studies and is pretty clueless about many subjects yet is very passionate about sport. She is additionally an ex-childhood friend of Kimitsu Akemi. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Aequor, the blue light of passion who controls the power of water.

Kimitsu Akemi (黄光あけみ?) / Cure Sunray (キュアサンレイ?)
Child model turned idol, Akemi is a cold and seemingly aloof girl with an unfriendly atmosphere and blunt nature. According to her fans, she has a powerful voice when singing and has a cool aura around her when she does sing. Despite her popularity, she wishes that she was a normal girl and often writes songs about this wish, yet never reveals them. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Sunray, the yellow light of truth who controls the power of sunlight.

Matsuura Midori (松浦緑?) / Cure Zephyr (キュアゼファー?)
The student council vice president, Midori is a socially awkward and very clumsy girl who is pretty much a crybaby and is very insecure. She is also a huge fan of magical girl anime and can often be seen working on her own magical girl anime or a fanseries for her favourite magical girl anime “Mahōtsukai Starlight” but is, however, usually too afraid to share them due her fear of being judged. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Zephyr, the green light of creativity who controls the power of wind.

Ayase Rubina (彩瀬るびな?) / Rubis (るびす?) / Cure Ignis (キュアイグニス?)
A girl with a short temper despite her reserved and meek appearance plus nature, Rubina is a veteran Cure from Niji’hikari where she is known as Rubis who came to Earth shortly after Emera did. Due to her short temper, she was often avoided in her homeland and is avoided a little in her new school due to her temper issues. Despite her temper, she is pretty intelligent and often gets high grades. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Ignis, the red light of intelligence who controls the power of fire.

Gingasaka Seiya (銀河坂星矢?) / Cure Nebulus (キュアネブラス?)
Both a dandere and deredere, Seiya is a silent and quiet girl who tends to shy away from fights and arguments yet is a very welcoming and kind person when introducing herself and becoming friends with other people. She is also curious in the mysteries of space and has a vast fascination for the universe. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Nebulus, the purple light of fascination who controls the power of stars/starlight.
It is later revealed that Seiya is the current vessel of the spirit of Niji’hikari’s legendary warrior, Ciel Lumiere.


Emera (エメラ?) / Sayuki Emma (差雪エマ?)
A mouse-like mascot coming from Niji’hikari, Emera is a calm and gentle fairy yet constantly worries about everything, including the girls whenever they fall out. However, she is rather intelligent and knowledgeable about the legends of Pretty Cure after reading about them. She often ends her sentences with “-ra” and can transform into a human with the name Sayuki Emma.

Ciel Lumiere (シエルリュミエール?)
The ancient legendary warrior of Niji’hikari, Ciel Lumiere protected Niji’hikari from Black・Eclipse 3000 years ago by sealing him away (resulting in her dying but being reborn one thousand years later) until the next millennia, where both she and the evil being would awaken again, Ciel Lumiere’s spirit being in a different body.
Her theme colour is pale purple/lavender.


Black・Eclipse (ブラック・エクリプス?)
A 3000 year old being who is currently going through awakening, Black・Eclipse is the main antagonist of the series. He is known to be, as heard through the ancient texts of Niji’hikari, brutal and a cruel being who despises pretty much everything apart from darkness and sorrow. His goal is to bring sorrow to all beings in order to reign over the universe and destroy the light of hope and happiness.

Zinc (ジンク?)
The first antagonist to attack and the one who triggers the first transformation of Cure Jasmine, Zinc is a cold girl who tends to be rather foul-mouthed and extremely blunt. Additionally, she says very little and rarely speaks during battle with the Cures. In episode 18, she gets purified and becomes an ally for the cures, with the name Shirobana Sena (白花セナ?).

Sapphina (サッピーナ?)
The second antagonist to attack and the one who triggers the first transformation of both Cure Aequor, Sapphina is a vain 19-year girl who tends to be rather lazy with her missions and doesn’t take them seriously. She, however, does have strong powers and sometimes likes hand-to-hand combat.

Zirco (ジルコ?)
The third antagonist to attack and the one who triggers the first transformation of both Cure Sunray and Cure Zephyr, Zirco is a playful and energetic boy who tends to be clumsy and idiotic, usually never taking missions seriously, similarly to Sapphina.

Silico (シリコ?)
The fourth antagonist to attack and the one who triggered the first transformation of Cure Ignis, Silico is the “older twin brother” of Zirco who often cares for him yet is a more serious and strict character than his “younger brother”.

Rhen (レン?)
The woman who sends out the antagonists to attack the Cures, Rhen is the second-in-command of the villains. Despite staying and lurking in the hideout of the antagonists, she is an intelligent and strategic woman who tends to have a strong preference for board games and tarot cards.

Mushoku (ムショク?)
The monsters that the villains summon, Mushoku are corrupted Lumiere Jewels after a person feels negative emotions and their aura darkens to black/midnight blue. Additionally, the strength of a Mushoku is dependent on the type of negative emotions the person feels (eg. if someone feels heartbreak, the Mushoku is very powerful).


Hanae Satsuki (花絵さつき?)
Momoko’s mother who is a teacher at the school, Satsuki is a calm and intelligent woman who is very knowledgeable about many things - this mainly being science, namely biology. She does, however, often worry about her daughter’s unwanted attention.

Aota Mizuki (青田水木?)
Umi's much more responsible older sister, Mizuki was the student council president of Minami-iro Middle School around 2 years ago which inspired Umi to become student council president when she got into her second year. Mizuki is also very elegant and is a talented dancer, currently attending a dance school - her dream being to become a famous international dancer.

Shirobana Sena (白花セナ?)
The purified Zinc, Sena remains to be rather cold and slightly foul mouthed yet is much more talkative and less blunt than her old self while also being much a more happier person. She is also seen to be rather intelligent and less risk taking unlike Zinc.
She is additionally a tsundere and blushes instantly pretty much all the time whenever someone hugs her or whenever someone comments about her appearance.

Harubasho Kanade (春場所かなで?)
Akemi’s manager, Kanade is a bright woman who can be rather naive but sometimes tell that Akemi dislikes the life she has. Kanade is also recently employed and took over as Akemi’s manager after her old manager retired. Kanade is additionally very kind and, to add to her naive nature, is pretty gullible.

Akino Shun (秋乃旬?)
A classmate of Momoko and her childhood friend, Shun is a gentle yet sporty boy who tends to worry about Momoko and the unwanted attention she receives. Despite this, he is oblivious about the fact that Momoko is Cure Jasmine and develops a not so obvious crush towards Jasmine after she saves him from Zinc’s monster form in episode 18.
He can additionally notice whenever Momoko is feeling down and/or upset.

Kimitsu Haruki (黄光はるき?)
Akemi's father who hates the fact that his daughter is an idol despite not knowing the reason for her decision for becoming an idol, Haruki is a strict man and tends to be pretty overprotective towards Akemi, even attempting to pull his daughter out of the idol business in episode 11.

Kimitsu Chika (黄光ちか?)
Akemi's mother who is currently pretty ill. She additionally inspired Akemi to change from being a child model to an idol after seeing the happiness Chika gave people when she was an idol. Chika is also gentle, kind and inspirational towards everyone yet can lack advice when someone asks her how to be "perfect like her (Chika)" as Chika believes she's not perfect whatsoever - especially due to her illness.

Matsuura Rina (松浦里奈?)


Minamigawa (南川?) - The main location and setting of the series where most of the series’ characters live.

Minami-iro Middle School (南色中学校?) - The school that the main characters and many supporting (teenage) cast attend.

Niji'hikari (虹光?) - The homeland of Emera.


Ciel Modules (シエルモジュール?) - The main transformation items of the series. In order to activate a Ciel Module, the holder needs to yell “Pretty Cure, Arc en Ciel Activation!” while additionally using their respective Lumiere Jewel.

Lumiere Jewels (ルミエールジュエルズ?) - The main collectable items of the series, each Lumiere Jewel represents the aura colour of a person. Lumiere Jewels also possess different powers which allow the Cures to access new abilities.

Rainbow Swords (レインボーソードズ?) - The attack items the first 5 Cures receive in episode 18, the Rainbow Swords are the legendary swords of Niji’hikari which, when Ciel Lumiere was around, were combined into the legendary Spectran Lance.

Galaxia Katana (ギャラクシアカタナ?) - The attack item used by Cure Nebulus which was formed in episode 26 from her wish to save Sapphina from despair.

Spectra Rings (スペックトリングズ?) - A set of items that, when used with the Arc-en-Ciel Palette, allows the Cures can access their Lumiere Spectrum Style and perform either their group attack or upgraded individual attacks. The rings first appear in episode 31, alongside the Arc-en-Ciel Palette.

Arc-en-Ciel Palette (アークアンシエルパレット?) - An makeup palette like item that the Pretty Cure gain in episode 31 alongside the Spectra Rings. When activated with the rings, the Cures can access their Lumiere Spectrum Style and perform either their group attack or upgraded individual attacks.

Spectran Lance (スペクトランランス?) - The legendary weapon Ciel Lumiere used to seal Black・Eclipse away 3000 years ago. It is the combined form of the Rainbow Swords. In episode 48, the lance is once again formed, now having the addition of the Galaxia Katana.

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  • Arc-en-Ciel Lumiere Pretty Cure is the first series where swords are the majority of weapons.
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