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Aozora Mizu

Aozora mizu
Personal Info
SeasonFloretta Pretty Cure!
Hair Color Midnight Blue
Eye Color Viridian
RelativesAozora Nami (mother)
SeiyuuIshihara Kaori
Pretty Cure Info
NameCure Myrtille
Item(s)Floretta Pen
Weapon(s)Cure Stars
Hair Color Sapphire
Eye Color Light Sky Blue
Theme Blue

Aozora Mizu (青空水 Aozora mizu?) is one of the main characters of Floretta Pretty Cure!. Mizu is a sporty 3rd year student who fails in her studies but makes up for it by excelling in sports. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Myrtille, the flower of the emotion of trust whose theme colour is blue. She utilizes the power of water and wishes.


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Cure Myrtille



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Cure Myrtille

"Trust! The emoton of the blue flower! Cure Myrtille!"
信頼! 青い花の感情! キュアミルティユ!
Shinrai! Aoi hana no kanjō! Kyuamirutiyu!

Cure Myrtille (キュアミルティユ Kyuamirutiyu?) is the Pretty Cure alter ego of Mizu. As Cure Myrtille, she utilizes the power of water and wishes, represents trust and her theme colour is blue. Her main attack is Myrtille Tsunami, in which she needs her Cure Star to perform.


  • Myrtille Tsunami (ミルティユ津波 Mirutiyu tsunami?) is Cure Myrtille's first purification attack.




  • Mizu's birthday has been officially announced to be 19th May
  • Mizu is the third blue cure to join the team third after Kurokawa Ellen/Cure Beat and Tategami Aoi/Cure Gelato


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