Aosaki Koyuki
Aosaki Koyuki
Personal Information
Birthday DateDecember 21st
Hair ColorDark Blue
Eye ColorBright Blue
Home PlaceIchigozaka
RelativesAosaki Aoi (mother)

Aosaki Haruto (father)

Pretty Cure
Alter EgoCure Sundae
Hair ColorLight Blue
Eye ColorBright Blue
Theme ColorWhite (main), Light Blue (sub)
Anime Information
SeasonPikaPika☆Pretty Cure A La Mode

Aosaki Koyuki (青先小雪 Aosaki Koyuki) is one of the main characters of PikaPika☆Pretty Cure A La Mode. Her alter ego is Cure Sundae (キュア サンデー Kyua Sandē), who represents ice cream sundaes, and snow leopards.


Aosaki Koyuki is the daughter of the lead vocalist of a famous band, Wild Azure. Koyuki is a free spirited and energetic girl, who tends to get annoyed with Chiko, especially when she makes fun of her 'gao'. Like her mother, she has a passion for singing, and wishes to be in a famous band someday. However, she has stage fright, and like a snow leopard, can't roar on stage. She can also get very passionate about the things she loves, is a perfectionist, but tends to forget about the feelings of others.


Koyuki has dark blue, wavy hair, that she wears in a high ponytail, and bright blue eyes. In summer, she wears a light blue top, that has frills at the top and bottom, along with a dark blue jacket. She wears a bright blue skirt, long socks, and black dollies.


Aosaki Koyuki: Koyuki looks up to her mother, however, they don't often get to see each other, due to Aoi's extremely busy work life. Due to their shared hotheadedness, and very little time spent together, the two argue very often, but still deeply care about each other.

Usami Chiko: Aoi and Chiko argue a lot, often teasing each other.

Pretty Cure

"With Passion and Perfection! Let's・La・Mix it all up! Cure Sundae! Ready to Serve!"
Jounetsu to kanpeki wo! Rettsu・Ra・Mazemaze! Kyua Sandē! Dekiagari!

Cure Sundae is Koyuki's alter ego as a Pretty Cure.


Sundae Sprinkle- Sundae Sprinkle is Cure Sundae's attack with the Candy Rod.



Aosaki (青先)- Aosaki comes from Ao, meaning blue, and Saki, which can be translated as blossoming hope

Koyuki (小雪)- Koyuki comes from Ko, meaning small, and Yuki, meaning snow.

Cure Sundae (キュアサンデー)- The sundae is a sweet ice cream dessert. It typically consists of one or more scoops of ice cream topped with sauce or syrup, and in some cases other toppings including sprinkles, whipped cream, peanuts, maraschino cherries, or other fruits (e.g., bananas and pineapple in a banana split.).



  • Koyuki's birthday falls on the 21st December, making her zodiac sign a Sagittarius.