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Aomizu Sapphire
Aomizu Safaia
SeasonUnofficial 5th Season
Age18 - 19
Birthday DateSeptember 5th
Eye ColorNavy
Hair ColorDark Blue
Home PlaceFeather Castletown
OccupationPart-time employee
AffiliationDoll Fin
Lil' Paradise
First AppearanceEpisode U01
Japanese Voice ActorOtsubo Yuka
ParentsAomizu Skye
Aomizu Kaito
SiblingsAomizu Yuki

Aomizu Sapphire is a main charater of Sky Pretty Cure: The Unofficial 5th Season. Sapphire currently lives in Australia.

Profile Information

Being aware that it will be something related to music, Sapphire has yet to find the one thing she wants to do in the future. To have a better look at her opportunities, Sapphire went for an unknown time to Australia, a land where she can do both, look for a dream and practice her English. She always tries to stay in contact with her friends in Japan via video chat. Having a sharp tounge, Sapphire does her best to understand what others feel or how they might react on things she said.


Aomizu (青水?) - Aomizu comes from Ao (?) meaning "blue", combined with Mizu (?) meaning "water". So Aomizu means "blue water".

Sapphire (サファイア?) - From the name of the gemstone, the blue birthstone of September, which is derived from Greek sappheiros, ultimately from the Hebrew word sappir.