Anna is a dog/puppy-like fairy,one of the mascots in the sequel of Pride Wish Pretty Cure. She's a fairy with a difficult temperament but is a good friend. She is friends with Peter and she have feelings for him, she like Mai Kitano food and because of this she live's in Hazuki 's house. She ends her sentences with Wan. She is the fairy of the stars and she live in the Star Palace with the princess.


As Cure Sexy


Anna has a bad temper, a temper of tsundere especially with Peter, she is lively, energetic and does not like people with little confidence. She is in love with Peter and gets angry and frustrated when he does not pay any attention to her. She is jealous of Hazuki but adores her. She would love to have more strength to fight.


Coming to Earth

In the last episode of Pride Wish Pretty Cure she comes to Earth to give the pretty cures a new mission by Princess Hoshi of the Kingdom of Stars. To prevent the stars of wish become corrupted and find the power of the old warrior Cure Wish.

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Cure Sexy

"The most powerful and beautiful star, as you wished, Cure Sexy"

During an episode, Anna puts a collar that ends up making everything she think into reality, everything is in chaos, initially the organization uses to create her large creatures, but then she remembers that she is in control and wants to become a human that can transform into Pretty Cure. Then she turns to Cure Sexy.

In this way she can still create stars, but shooting stars and use the attack Remake Star, also can make the creatures fall in love using the attack Sexy Wink.

Star Maker

As Anna is the fairy of stars she has the ability to make stars and so has a great power within themselves, despite not being good at first she was chosen by the princess to become the main Fairy stars and started to practice together.


Peter is her best friend, she is in love with him, when she do not get Peter attention she gets furious and pulls his ears, despite the fights are best friends.

Princess Hoshi - is her friend to Anna, is her chaperone in the castle, they always have secrets and are quite friendly.

Hazuki Kitano is her friend and "rival in love", initially she would live with Ayame but wanted to know more and watch her"rival in love," she decides to move in with her, but over time she enjoys being with Hazuki.

Mina is her mother, despite having different personalities one cares very much about the other.


Anna: "Full of grace"


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