This is a list of Angel Tale Pretty Cure episodes made by Cure Lucky.

List of 'Episodes'

  1. The war begins! A new hope is born!   戦争が始まる!新たな希望が生まれている!Sensō ga hajimaru! Aratana kibō ga umarete iru!
  2. I am not alone anymore! Cure Bubble is here! 私はもう一人ではない!キュアバブルはここにある!Watashi wa mōhitoride wanai! Kyua Baburu wa koko ni aru!
  3. Our class is in danger! 私たちのクラスは危険にさらされている!Watashitachi no kurasu wa kiken ni sarasa rete iru!
  4. Another warrior 別の戦士 Betsu no senshi
  5. Let's play! プレーをすることができます!Purē o suru koto ga dekimasu!
  6. Rainy day 雨降りの日 Amefuri no hi
  7. It's time for the angel in red! それは赤の天使のための時間です!Sore wa aka no tenshi no tame no jikandesu!
  8. So sweet! I'll eat them all! とても甘い!Totemo amai!
  9. Why they can't get along?
  10. Too many books! Adventure in a labyrinth of the library!
  11. Appearing of the strange creatures! I am scared!
  12. Fighting in the nightmare
  13. Toys come alive!
  14. Pretty Cure become children!?
  15. Endless unhappiness! River of tears
  16. First failed battle...
  17. Leader... or not?
  18. We miss you!
  19. Twinkle returned!
  20. Awakened feelings. Is it love?
  21. My little sister is a... Pretty Cure!?
  22. Let's begin the saint song! Cure Angelic!
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