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Andrea Zaslavski
Katakana アンドレア・ザスラフスキー
Romaji Andorea Zasurafusukī
Title(s) Zedd
Physical Information
Age 16
Gender Female
Eye Color Indigo
Hair Color Indigo
Personal Information
Home Place Symphonique
Hair Color layered with Ultramarine highlights
Power Techno Music
Symbol Techno Music
Theme Color Indigo
Anime Information
Season(s) Electric Dance Pretty Cure!

Andrea Zaslavski is one of the protagonists in Electric Dance Pretty Cure!.





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Cure Techno

Cure Techno (キュアテクノ Kyua Tekuno?) is the pretty Cure form of Andrea. She represents the Dubstep music, based on Zedd.



Sound Check! Electric Dance! is Andrea's transformation phrase in Electric Dance Pretty Cure!






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