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Amaya Subaru
Amaya Subaru
Personal Information
Age14 (CoHPC)
15 (CoHPCRS)
Birthday Date17th of July
Hair ColorBlue
Eye ColorSky Blue
Home PlaceTenshizaka
RelativesAmaya Natsuko (twin sister)
Amaya Mimi (younger sister)
Anaya Reika (mother)
Amaya Keitaro (father)
Anime Information
SeasonCosmic Haven☆Pretty Cure!
Cosmic Haven☆Pretty Cure Rainbow Sky!
First AppearanceCoHPC01

Amaya Subaru (雨夜スバル Amaya Subaru?) is a minor character in Cosmic Haven☆Pretty Cure! and Cosmic Haven☆Pretty Cure Rainbow Sky!. He is the son of Amaya Keitaro and Amaya Reika, Amaya Natsuko’s twin brother and the older brother of Amaya Mimi. He is the student council president at his school, Hizora Academy.


Subaru highly resembles of a prankster, as he is often seen pranking Natsuko. When around Fuyuko, however, he is very shy, flustered and he acts as a tsundere.


He looks a lot like his twin sister, having yellow hair and brown eyes. He is usually seen wearing his school uniform, but is sometimes seen wearing a black short-sleeved shirt with a white long-sleeved one under, a pair of jeans and a pair of white sneakers.


Cosmic Haven☆Pretty Cure!


Cosmic Haven☆Pretty Cure Rainbow Sky!



Yamamiya Koharu - His friend and student council rival.

Yamamiya Akiko - His friend.

Matsura Fuyuko - His crush.

Amaya Mimi - His younger sister.

Amaya Keitaro - His father.

Amaya Reika - His mother.

Amaya Natsuko - His sister.


Amaya (雨夜?): 雨夜 (Amaya) means "heavenly valley".

Subaru (スバル?): スバル (Subaru) means "unite".

His full name can mean "Heavenly Unite Valley".


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