Amai Lotte
Amai Lotte
Personal Information
Birthday DateJanuary 30
Hair ColorMagenta (Lotte)
Light Pink (Cure BubbleGum)
Eye ColorMagenta (Lotte)
Light Pink (Cure BubbleGum)
RelativesAmai Padparascha (mother)
Amai Garnierite (father)
Amai Cyanite (twin sibling)
Alter EgoCure BubbleGum
Theme ColorPink
Anime Information
First AppearanceCCPC01

Amai Lotte (アマイォッテ Amai Lotte?) is the lead cure in Candy Crush Pretty Cure!.

Her alter ego is Cure BubbleGum (キュアバブルガム Kyua BaburuGamu?).


As Lotte, she had cripple dark magenta hair short to shoulder slightly tied in a pink ponytail. She had dark magenta eyes. She wears a peach dress with light pink buttoned dress, dark pink leggings, & magenta shoes.

As Cure BubbleGum, her hair was longer tied with dark pink ribbon as ponytail & her hair is light pink. Her eyes are light pink. She had dark pink beaded heart earrings & choker. She wears puffed sleeveed shirt with dark pink three striped collar, light pink ribbon with dark pink heart at center; she had frilled dark pink & light pink skirt, dark pink high heels with light pink accents & short light pink armwarmers with dark pink accents.


Lotte is very cheerful girl who loves sweets. She is loves to cooking candies in Kayori Ru Amai like her mother & she loves to cheering in town.


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Cure BubbleGum

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Candy Cure BubbleGum

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Pink Love Heart

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Princess BubbleGum

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Pretty Cure, Sugar Crush! is the transformation phrase of Lotte in Candy Crush Pretty Cure!.

First, her CandyPreBrace was gliched and she is speaking the main speech. Her full body was sparkling in the pink glow. First her hair, shoes, armwarmers, dress, & acessories. Then she draws the pink heart & she says the speech.


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Sweet & Poppy- Lotte's partners

Manako Omori- Lotte likes snakes & pets or she along to draw her

Aonami Vana- Lotte likes girly fashion & beauty like her. She also loves pop music

Ikuriyonana Etsuko- Lotte's tomboyish friend even she protects her

Yugere Anika- Lotte was bullied her sometimes, she is known as Amondzi but later, she was good because she was became pretty cure

Amai Padparascha- Lotte's mother, when she was young, she was also becoming pretty cure

Character Songs

As a main character, Lotte's voice actor, Asami Yano has particated in several image songs for the character she voices. She also has duets/group songs with Watanabe Kumiko who voices Manako Omori, Kitamura Eri who voices Aonami Vana, Okamoto Maya who voices Ikuriyonana Etsuko, & later, Park Romi who voices Yugere Anika.



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  • She is the second cure had cheering in the town, following Momozono Love.



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