Personal Information
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorDark yellow
Theme ColorYellow/Gold
Anime Information
First AppearanceL☆PC!01 (first appearance)

L☆PC!04 (full appearance)

Voice ActorKouji Ishii

Alvario (アルバリオ) is a secondary villain of Lucky☆Pretty Cure!. He is one of the competitors in the Greed Empire's Rite of Succession, and the third of them encountered by the Cures. He seeks the Greed Empire's treasury to satisfy his bottomless appetite for material wealth.


Alvario is a giant of a man with a bald head, spiky black beard, bushy eyebrows, and beady, dark yellow eyes.He wears a tiger-striped vest that exposes his hairy chest and bulbous belly, along with a fur-lined kilt and leather sandals. He is never without a giant haunch of meat in hand, as well as his golden accessories, including chains, necklaces, and at least one ring on each of his large fingers. His bulky build makes him appear more like a gorilla than a human being.


Alvario cares only about material wealth and possessions: food, drink, and treasure. His immense strength and intimidating appearance allows him to get what he wants easily, which led him to become somewhat lazy and slow-witted, but the moment delicious food or treasure is involved, he will smash anyone or anything that gets in his way.


Like the other competitors, Alvario is able to summon Kyoujins using a cube given to him by the Greed Empire. He is also the physically strongest of the four competitors, able to take on the Cures in direct combat. He has impressive physical endurance, able to easily get back up after a beating. Like Coveton, he is unable to fly.


  • Alvario's name is derived from the word avarice, a synonym for greed.
  • The color of the symbol on his Kyoujin cube is dark yellow.
  • Alvario shares a voice actor with another villain, Gekidrago, from Futari wa Pretty Cure.