Alumi Spectrum (アルミスペクトラム Arumi Supekutoramu) is Cure Alumi's first finisher that can only be used in her Elegant mode. It is first used in episode 2.


Cure Alumi inserts her Dress Up Key into her Princess Perfume to transform into her Elegant Mode. She raises her right arm up, and starting from there, she becomes bathed in light. As she says "Alumi", she lowers her arm, and the light travels to both of her hands. When she says "Spectrum", the light travels out of her hands to form a rainbow orb around the enemy, proceeding to explode and purifying the enemy. After the enemy is purified, Cure Alumi says "Gokigen yo".



Cure Alumi: 降りてくる、光よ!
Cure Alumi: プリキュアアルミスペクトラム!
Cure Alumi: ごきげんよう!


Cure Alumi: Oritekuru, hikari yo!
Cure Alumi: Purikyua Arumi Supekutoramu!
Cure Alumi: Gokigen'yō!


Cure Alumi: Come down, light!
Cure Alumi: Pretty Cure, Alumi Spectrum!
Cure Alumi: Farewell!


  • "Spectrum" refers to how light (Cure Alumi's power) can be separated into the rainbow colors, called the spectrum.
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