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Episode # Title Villain Air Date
01 Aro~ha! Hanasaku futago wo mezame!
"Alo~ha! Awaken the Twin Blooming Flowers!"
Madam Momere 2015-02-01
Ohana and Olina are young twin teenage girls who were sea shell collecting on the beach one day with their friends when they find two pink crystals stuck in the sand. Little did they know, that their life was going to change once they met Madam Momere with the pink crystals in possession.
02 Are wa dare? Aroaro to Aro~ha Purikyua!
"Who's that? Aloalo and Alo~ha Pretty Cure!"
Madam Momere 2015-02-08
Ohana and Olina are now Pretty Cure of Hawaii but are confused about what they must do besides fighting against the Phantom Empire. But on the way to school, they bump into a fairy named Aloalo who says she was sent to help them by someone known as Blue.
03 Sekaijū de kiseki! Purikyua to Burū.
"Miracles throughout the world! Pretty Cure and Blue."
Madam Momere 2015-02-15
Ohana and Olina hear about the Japanese Pretty Cure who are said to be the strongest Pretty Cure when Aloalo flies into their living room and says that Blue, the mysterious man, will be arriving to pay them a visit. When they meet Blue, they find out about why they became Pretty Cure, that he is Earth's god and that now they must protect Earth from the evil Phantom Empire. 
04 Himitsu. Yūjō. Yūki. Karera wa eien ni saku nodarou ka?
"Secrets. Friendship. Courage. They will bloom forever?"
Madam Momere 2015-02-22
Following last episode, Ohana and Olina were told to keep their identity a secret. But how could they when their best friend Kailani kept wondering who the Cure Sunset and Wave were? Will Ohana and Olina's friendship with Kailani keep blooming or will it wilt thanks to their secret of being the Cure Sunset and Cure Wave of Hawaii?
05 Kowai kokoro. Hawai wa kiken ni masu ka?
"The scared heart. Is Hawaii in danger?"
Madam Momere 2015-03-01
Olina feels as if she cannot b a Pretty Cure due to her weak body and that she is scared of getting hurt by the Saiark and Madam Momere. Ohana tries to persuade Olina to change her mind and stay as a Pretty Cure but Olina gives her PreChanMirror to Aloalo and runs off. Will Ohana be the only Cure of Hawaii or will Olina change her mind?
06 Ai no chikara. Watashi wa kimi wo mamotte ageru!
"Power of love. I’ll protect you!"
Madam Momere 2015-03-08
Ohana is worried now that Olina is stronger then her as a Pretty Cure, she won't have to protect or help her anymore. Seeing that Ohana isn't speaking to her, Olina questions Ohana's behavior, only to find out that Ohana is upset about Olina's power up and won't have to protect her anymore. 
07 Futago faitingu? Madamu Momēru no tanoshimi ga hajimaru!
"Fighting twins? Madam Momere's fun begins!"
Madam Momere 2015-03-15
Ohana and Olina have began bickering among each other a lot more then usual and it's making their friends and family worried. Meanwhile, Madam Momere feels happiness bloom within himself due to thinking that he may be able to make them fight even more so he can finally defeat them.
08 Tanjōbi Omedetō! Naze dare mo oboete inai nodeshou ka?
"Happy Birthday! Why does nobody remember?"
Madam Momere 2015-03-22
It's Ohana and Olina's birthday but no one seems to remember that it is. Madam Momere then creates Saiarks out of their friends and family to defeat the two girls. But Ohana and Olina discover that maybe it is Madam Momere's fault that no one remembers their birthday.
09 Watashitachi wa dono yō ni Purikyua shite iru? Son'na ni tatakai wa ushinawa reta.
"How are we Pretty Cure? So much battles lost."
10 Biggu toraburu! Hawai wa kōri ni natte imasu!
"Big trouble! Hawaii has turned into ice!"
11 Aro〜ha Purikyua yabure?! HapinesuChāji Purikyua tōchaku suru!
"Alo~ha Pretty Cure defeated?! HappinessCharge Pretty Cure arrive!"
12 2015-04-19
13 Eien ni saku! Tsuyoi pawā ga sakusei sa re!
"Forever blooming! A stronger power is created!"

Mini Shorts

Mini Short # Title Air Date
01 Yōkoso! Kyua Sansetto to Kyua U~ēbu Kara no Messēji!
"Welcome! Message from Cure Sunset and Cure Wave!"
Cure Sunset introduces herself and asks how the audience liked the first episode. Cure Wave appears and asks if they had fun. Cure Sunset tells Wave to leave since they decided she was going to do this message. Wave refuses to leave and places a flower crown on Sunset's head which results in Sunset getting angry and sending it flying into Wave's face, which makes her cry. After the drama, Sunset and Wave hold hands and finish of the message.
02 Fufufu. Shōkai HapinesuChāji Purikyua!
"Hehehe. Introducing HappinessCharge Pretty Cure!"

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