Personal Information
Hair ColorDeep green
Eye ColorLime green
Home PlaceWorld of Amertume
Anime Information
SeasonSweets Time Pretty Cure!
First AppearanceSTPC10
SeiyuuNakamura Chie

Aloe is a minor character of Sweets Time Pretty Cure!. Aloe is the leader of Amertume. Her greatest desire is to gather the eternal sweetness around herself and use its powers. While most of her underlings highly admire her for her attitude and her powers, some of them even fear her. Aleo usually speaks of herself in third person and addresses herself as "Aloe-sama".

Character Information

Aloe has the appearance of an adult woman with long, deep green colored hair, that reaches down to her knees. She wears a yellow blossom in her hair. She has sharp, lime green colored eyes. She usually has a cold and emotionless expression. She mainly wears a black dress with a dark green coat over it. Her over all appearance resembles a withered plant that only has a bit of the power of life left. She is sometimes seem wielding a grey and silver staff that has a aloe blossom at the top.

Aloe is the powerful and feared leader of Amertume, who is hightly admired by everyone of the world of Amertume. She has no dreams and no understanding of emotions. She only know how success works and understands what "failure" means. Aloe deeply desires the power of the eternal sweets to use it for herself and become the most beautiful leader of any world. She usually talks about herself in thrid person and refers to herself as "Aloe-sama".


Aloe (アロエ?) - Aloe, also written Aloë, is a genus containing over 500 species of flowering succulent plants.[1] Aloes are also known to have a bitter taste, which fits the theme of the antagonists of the season, which is bitterness one of the five basic tastes.



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